Monday Morning Coffee – Paper






Smart Phone



Social Media


How much of all of the above do you use?

How much Paper do you use relative to “before?”

How much more fulfilled, gratified, productive, and efficient do these gizmos make you?

Are you really doing more – FASTER – or are you simply doing MORE?

and is that “More” you are doing getting you closer to where you want to go (Your purpose)?

Not a day goes by when I don’t hear of someone in a tizzy over technological issues . . . “Smartphone isn’t working . . . consumed the WHOLE day just getting it right”

Missed appointments because they landed in the wrong week on the electronic calendar.

The very important documents mysteriously wandered into the internet void.

Remember PAPER?

A pad of paper and a writing instrument seldom malfunction,

the potential is HUGE!

  • One sheet of paper can be a daily list of things to do and log of calls made and received.
  • Another sheet – Weekly schedule and goals for the week.
  • 3rd sheet – Monthly calendar/Planner
  • 4th sheet – Yearly Calendar/Planner
  • Handful of blank note cards with envelops = Genuine communication (EVERYONE loves getting a handwritten note in the mail)
  • Need to leave a note for someone?
  • A Handwritten journal/log could become that book you always wanted to write
  • Using paper is more PERSONAL (I miss the days when REALTORS actually PRESENTED purchase offers face to face – rather than impersonal email)
I may sound a bit curmudgionish, but I can’t help but wonder:
If the power grid or the internet were to crash, how would we communicate?
I like PAPER!
Some would argue that “Paperless is more eco-friendly” . . . I don’t think that argument holds water in the true, statistical sense,
Paper is infinitely recyclable, and (IMHO) FAR more effective and often more efficient than any electronic gizmo out there . . . because it’s PERSONAL.
Tis the season to celebrate loved ones . . . I invite you to use more paper to connect at deeper levels.
As personal fulfillment increases, so does productivity and camaraderie.
Just sayin’
PS One of the fundamentals of the Pareto Realty business model is use of electronic instruments to INCREASE productivity when it comes to attending to PROCESSES (Submitting/Storing paperwork) . . . but when it comes to PRODUCT (Our Service and direct communication with clients), we lean towards the more DIRECT avenues of communication – Direct mail – Meeting with clients face to face . . . so we can use the office as our “Village Marketplace” where we find camaraderie, learning, and Leverage.
Always thinking . . . Always tweaking . . . Always improving!


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