Monday Morning Coffee – One Small Favor . . . Please?

Good Morning!

Have you ever considered the “Ripple Effect” of one small favor?

Just an ounce of generosity can create a TON of good will.

This phenomenon defies all of the Laws of Physics.

How can one small gesture launch a chain of events that influence the lives of so many others?

This video offers a nice, feel-good representation.

I see it every day:

  • While driving – Go ahead and shift over a lane to let someone in
  • While working – Take a minute to help out a colleague with a challenge
  • At home – Pause what you’re doing to help your child with homework
  • Random acts – Go out of your way to help someone/ANYone

None of this has anything to do with the size or material value of the favor.

This is ALL about generosity – and generosity is contagious.

When you practice generosity, others notice and . . . it changes them if only for a moment . . . and they pay it forward.

The magic of this is that NO-ONE HAS to do this, yet we all do it without any expectation of personal reward other than the apparent truth that the more you share . . . the more you have.

So as you journey through this week, upon how many opportunities to be generous will you choose to take action?

How’s it feel?

Hoping you have a fabulous week of abundance.



PS, ┬áIn my world As a Real Estate Broker – Working with Home Buyers and Sellers, Other Real Estate Sales Professionals, and the myriad other professionals who support our Home Selling process, I am always cognizant of the power of a generous Spirit. A real estate transaction can be exasperating for even the most experienced of us. Those who fare the best are the ones who understand the power of “One Small Favor.”

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