Monday Morning Coffee – Now!

As I watch the whirlwind of political shenanigans we are all witnessing at all levels . . . and I witness the general public disdain for the way virtually ALL of our elected “Representatives” are behaving . . . I often wonder why more folks can’t just focus more on NOW.

In my microcosm of this big picture, this manifests in real estate sales transactions and negotiations. The issues my clients face aren’t much different than those the politicians face (Money, budget, Quality of life, Location, Safety, Education) . . . Home Buyers and Sellers care very passionately about these issues as they consider where to live.

Many Home Buyers and Sellers come into the process having had the full gambit of prior experiences relating to a real estate transaction . . . and they naturally filter their current experience through good, bad, or ugly memories imprinted on their minds.

So often, we REALTORS must find ways to “intervene” in order to “bring the experience into NOW” rather than tainting the whole thing with the often much less relevant past and an uncertain future.

“What is it that we NEED to accomplish NOW given the current state of affairs . . . the economic climate, personal liquidity and financial strength/goals, familial situations, and WHEN we need to be WHERE?”

Any time the conversation drifts into the past . . . or the future . . . thereby conjuring up fear, anxiety, and inaction, we must re-direct our client’s thinking to NOW.

Methinks this microcosm level of thinking scales up and laterally into relationships, Business . . . and yes . . . Local, State, Regional, and National Politics.

There would be FAR less paralysis and FAR more forward motion if more people were to focus on NOW!

How ’bout you?

Where’s your focus?

How’s that working for ya?

Learn from your past but don’t let it paralyze your present . . .

Set goals and imagine your vision for your future but don’t let it create Now anxiety.

One step at a time . . . NOW

Published by Barry Owen

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