Monday Morning Coffee – Networking IS for everyone

That word “Networking” sends chills up most people’s spines.

Visions of slique, hungry business people gathering in a beehive of activity for the sole purpose of getting LEADS swirl through the heads of most folks as they consider whether to be or not to be a networker.

The irony is that everyone already IS a “Networker” . . . even YOU!

It’s just that some take it up a few notches to a level that’s out of the comfort zone of others.

Wiki says: “Business networking is a socioeconomic activity by which groups of like-minded businesspeople recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities.”

There are myriad networking works that spring up to give local business people opportunities to meet & greet and learn and share about each other and their respective businesses . . . and as relationships form, referrals happen.

Here’s the twist . . . Networking will work better for those who focus more on what OTHER folks want/need than on their own selfish needs . . . and then use this knowledge to help others CONNECT . . . thereby becoming one of those “Connectors.”

As a Connector, a person becomes that “GoTo person” for all things . . .

“Go ask HER . . . I’ll bet SHE knows who can do that for you!”

The connectors are the HUBS of the Networking world.

Whether you want to admit it or not, YOU already ARE all of the above – a great Networker and a connector.

The only difference between you and those folks who seem to rule the roost is that you don’t know (or believe) your innate talent.

Add a dose of PURPOSE – Intentional Right Action – and you might just discover how powerful you really are in this (your) sphere of influence.

  • Be clear on who you are – and be an EXPERT at THAT
  • Follow you heart – Don’t do this to chase the almighty dollar
  • Offer to SPEAK about your specialty
  • WRITE – Blog – a Book – Articles
  • Listen to and care about other people getting what THEY want
Last week, I was invited to Speak at the West Nashville Chamber of Commerce to talk about “The State of the Local Real Estate Market” . . . they gave me 15 minutes to talk – I could have talked for an hour (or more).
While I’m not a finely tuned Business Network Meeting Pro, this was the first Chamber I have attended in quite a while during which I felt completely comfortable in my own skin.
Why? (I wondered)
Because I was there to GIVE (Not Get) . . . and I came away with a 1/2 dozen new relationships.
Hmmm . . . Hope you have a great week.

Published by Barry Owen

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