Monday Morning Coffee – Nashville Proud

Isn’t it cool when you receive a benefit you didn’t expect?

A few months ago, Debbie and I agreed to commit to a Pareto Realty sponsorship of the 2014 Live on the Green Music Festival as the sole Real Estate Firm Sponsor.

This opportunity came to us from our son Tyler who was leader of of the “Site Production Team” for Lightning100, and frankly we were nervous as cats tackling such a huge sponsorship with our small, but mighty, firm.

At the beginning, we asked ourselves what would make this sponsorship a success?

Our answers were along the lines of:

  • Establishing the Pareto Realty Brand awareness in the minds of more people in Nashville
  • Making contact with prospective Home Buyers and Sellers
  • Making contact with Prospective new Real Estate Sales Professionals to add to our Elite Team

We did the math and figured out that “We would more than pay for the sponsorship” if we could attribute 10 or more sales and 5 or more new members to the event.

We leveraged our “Site Activation” by partnering with our friend William from The Inn at Evins Mill to give away 4 one night stays at that fabulous Mountain Getaway . . . and our friends at Innovative Percussion who supplied us with 12 sets of drumsticks (Sheila E & Chris McHugh models) to give away throughout the final 2 days of the Festival.

The festival ended Saturday 9/6/2014 @ 11 PM (2 days ago), and we are now reflecting on the experience and trying to get a read on the results.

As I sit here typing this, I have goose-bumps because what we actually got out of this festival sponsorship MATTERS far more than “Brand Awareness, New Clients, and new REALTOR Members.”

Unquestionably, we will exceed our expectations for all of the above.

We are happy with that part of it, but we are ECSTATIC about the real rewards.

Ingrid Michaelson performed mid-afternoon on Saturday.

As she reached the end of her set, she spoke to the audience from her heart. She said that her Mother passed away a week ago and that she would have cancelled this performance (She did cancel a European Tour), but that her Mother had told her that she MUST get out there and perform soon after her death or she would never do it . . . and that she must do this performance in a place that has special meaning for both her and her Mother . . . She chose Nashville, and she thanked the people of Nashville for embracing her and her Mother.

There wasn’t a dry eye on the Plaza . . . and the audience of several thousand people gave her a collective, virtual hug as she sang her final song as a tribute to her Mother.

This was the “Icing on the cake” for me as I thought back on the prior 4 Thursday evenings and the hundreds of people who visited our Pareto Realty tent.

Many of the people were from other cities and states, and ALL of them had traveled to Nashville for a variety of reasons.

Every person with whom I spoke LOVES Nashville and very openly professed this love for our fine city.

We took LOTS of pictures in our tent which you can view here on the Pareto Realty Facebook page, and I defy you to find anyone in any of those pictures without a smile.

That whole festival was a “Nashville Love-Fest” writ large as Nashvillians welcomed everyone who showed up without judgement and proudly shared our fine city.

I couldn’t be more proud.

What a magnificent experience it was to us to have been a part of all that was Live on the Green 2014.

Thank you Nashville and Lightning100 for the best party EVER!

BTW . . . Whether you’re moving in, moving on, or moving up, remember to connect with us at Pareto Realty first!


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