Monday Morning Coffee – More days to be Thankful

If you’re reading this message, you have many people for whom to be thankful.

The planets have aligned, synchronicity has occurred, and EXACTLY the right people have come along at the right times . . . The right things have happened . . . and it all started at the right time (on the day of your birth) . . . Culminating into THIS moment – NOWHERE!

So . . . Don’t wait any longer to “See your life pass in front of your eyes” (That oft heard saying when faced with a life threatening happening). Do this intentionally and be thankful.

Perhaps none of this happened accidentally. You’ve created your life thus far by making choices along the way . . . Don’t regret ANY of those choices because each one has contributed to who you are now.

Who are you with now? 

Be Thankful!

I think these kinds of things often and especially during the Valentines Day Season (Which also happens to include Deb and my wedding anniversary – 13th – Today).

Each year, I think of my 49 years (now almost 1/2 a century) of “Playing in life’s sandbox,” and I marvel at all that WE have accomplished (I and all of the people who traveled with me and participated). 13 years ago, Deb and I married and between then and now we have accomplished some pretty amazing things . . . raising 3 remarkable Children who are already making an impact on the world. Debbie and I together are a powerful force to be reckoned with . . . I SO appreciate and love Debbie and love celebrating US 🙂

I think Valentines Day (and Anniversary) are days for being thankful for the PEOPLE who “brung us here” (“Here” being who we are).

So . . .

Happy Valentines Day!

I invite you to spend the day in the mode of gratitude for all of the people in your life.

Cupid is a smart fella who has maybe the best job on the planet . . . spreading the love bug.

With thanks!



PS – I’d be remiss if I didn’t tie this in some way to buying or selling a house 🙂

NOW is the quintessential time to TAKE ACTION if you have any inclination whatsoever to make a move here in Middle Tennessee. Our market environment has improved (and continues to improve) by leaps and bounds as more and more GOOD NEWS breaks of new companies moving to our area . . . and exciting new developments (Convention center) show up. New construction is popping up all over the place . . . and new construction creates NEW JOBS.

Contact me to learn more about how the process of Buying and Selling a house has improved.

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