Monday Morning Coffee – Make Every Day Count – Don’t Think

Good Monday Morning!

If you’re in Middle Tennessee, you’re probably ecstatic with the weather we are having.

Pinch us . . . are we dreaming?

Are August and September going to make us pay for these mild Summer Temperatures, or will we be spared?

Either way, Make every day count!

We watched The Titanic movie last night, and 2 lines literally jumped out of the TV and made an imprint on my mind:

“Make every day count!”

“Don’t think!”

How often do we take EVERYTHING for granted? We tumble along our respective life journeys doing what we do without due respect for our intentions . . . our PURPOSE . . . and appreciation for the people who matter most to us.

Let this week’s edition of Monday Morning Coffee be a simple, open invitation to you to make a point each and every day of “pausing the game” if only for a moment or so to affirm and reflect how you will make TODAY count.

As for the “Don’t Think!” comment. I believe this one is a real gem. Here we are trying to make every day count, and we are most often our own worst enemy because we tend to OVERTHINK.

Imagine how much more you might accomplish if you converted all of the energy and time you consume with your obsessive compulsive worrying about this, that, and everything else into truly constructive/productive ACTION!

DON’T THINK yourself into paralysis . . . Simply define “What Counts” for TODAY and DO IT!

Some folks will say that, in this raplex world, the cacophony of distractions makes this level of focus an impossibility.

I do not concur . . . Insulate yourself with this simple pledge:

“Make every day count!”

There now . . . All of the world’s problems are now solved.

Let’s do this!


PS – Every morning, I wake up with a clean slate and dive into my work with great energy as I tackle all of the myriad issues and opportunities that pop into view as a Real Estate Sale Professional and Principal Broker/Business developer of Pareto Realty . . . every day DOES count.

I stand poised and ready to serve as a resource for Home Buyers and Sellers throughout Middle Tennessee and beyond.

Connect with me now if you or anyone you know is considering a move ANY time in the future.


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