Monday Morning Coffee – Let’s GO!

Wednesday of this week is the first day of 2020!

I’m not sure why, but I sense a universal perspective of “positivity” for this year.

Of course, there will be plenty “issues and opportunities” for all of us to reckon with throughout the year, yet I don’t sense the trepidation that I’ve felt in many years past.

I’m learning more every day about the power of “Happyness” . . . One Happy person has potential to completely transform a group facing dire circumstances from doom and gloom defeatism to wonderment of possibilities.

Out of this wonderment emerges the most powerful emotion (IMHO) . . . HOPE!

When there’s hope, average, downtrodden, common folks orchestrate amazing accomplishments.

Once on the other side of the drama, we often wonder how we got “HERE” from “THERE”?

It’s as if we develop amnesia about the herculean feat we just did.

Pure passion unleashes unbridled willingness for taking responsibility for doing whatever it takes to succeed.

Ineffable indeed!

This is the kinda year that I believe many of us will experience in 2020.

I can’t wait to witness YOUR accomplishments in 2020.

This time next year, you’re gonna be wondering how you got ALL this DONE . . . and then you’ll marvel that it seemed as if all the right were showing up in and the right places just when we needed them . . . and the real “lesson” for this year is one of “Letting GO” of our need to “control” things we don’t have the power to control . . . loosen our grip on our preconceived agendas and be open to outcomes which turn out to be WAY better than the written “GOALS”!

You might be wondering if I’ve lost some marbles because I’m the quintessential “Roles and Goals, Time blocking, metrics measuring fiend”.

As I age, the more aware I am of the power of synchronicity – and that the more I let go, the less I’ve gotta “work” to “make things happen.

Oh yeah! I’m still focusing with roles and goals and budgets and metrics . . . all the while being prepared to be surprised by the possibilities that show up when I let go!

All that’s enough to drive ya crazy, right?

This year will be a year of growth for me as we “Scale Pareto Realty” through “Invitation” knowing the right “Vital Few” agents will show up.”

On the Real Estate Sales side of things, I have a renewed love for working with repeat and referral clients in my home city of Nashville, TN.

And finally . . . One of my most anticipated “events” of 2020 is the World Happiness Festival – Nashville Agora March 16-22 during which we will integrate 7 consecutive Open Space meetings.

I wish you a FUN New Year Celebration!

Let’s GO!

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