Monday Morning Coffee – LAUNCH!

Don’t you LOVE it when a plan comes together?

Days weeks and months of investment of your precious time, energy, and money and it’s . . . time to LAUNCH!

The stage is set!
The bands will start playing August 14.

Pareto Realty is the sole real estate firm sponsor of Live on the Green and we decided to do this ALL IN or not at all . . . So . . . We’re ALL IN, and should you choose to participate, YOU are the beneficiary of our commitment.

Your first benefit comes in the form of 4 FREE Thursday evening concerts. The last of the 4 (September 4) kicks off a 3 days Festival.

That’s a WHOLE lot of free live music.

Would you like to:


The Inn at Evins Mill is the quintessential “escape from the grind” and our friend William Cochran has partnered with us to give away each Thursday night an 1 night stay including gourmet Dinner and Breakfast . . . Yes, you heard that right . . . 4 chances to win.

There are a few ways to win:

  1. Go to and click the “LOTG Register” button @ Top Left – Browse around the website while you’re there, browse listings, learn more about the process of Buying and/or Selling a house . . . and register on our “Home Hunter” to keep up with houses for sale.
  2. Come see us at the events. We have the best looking tent in the venue (Unbiased Opinion) . . . and let us take a picture of you and your friends in front of our Evins Mill Backdrop . . . we’ll upload the pictures to our Photo Gallery. You register at to view the photos – psssst – We have some cool sunglasses and glo-Bracelets there for ya.
  3. Can’t get out and still want to register? Simply surf to

There’s MORE!

Our friends at

Logo 2012 Partnered with us to offer 24 Blocks of autographed Sticks which we will give away hourly throughout the final 3 day festival.

Just in case you’re not aware of Innovative Percussion, this is a locally owned company which supports schools (Drum Brigades and Marching Bands) worldwide and many of the top Drummers in the world play Innovative sticks.

So . . . Can you tell we are excited?

Will you come out to see us at Live on the Green?

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