Monday Morning Coffee – Joy & Adventure!

Good Morning!

I’m one of those believers that every day I wake up alive is a great day.

The alternative isn’t so appealing.

Today’s my birthday . . . and through my many many years on this planet (entering my 50th year), Birthdays have always been a day of personal introspection.

Generally speaking, it’s a time for a Mental, Spiritual, Physical, Social, and Emotional check-in . . . not as a judgement as much as a “grounding.”

Am I making the best of my time here on earth with the people who I am so fortunate to have in my life?

My friend Chistine sent me the following Birthday Greeting:

“may your day be filled with joy and your year with adventure”


JOY . . .



Fill your life with Joy & Adventure, and life is good 🙂

Don’t worry!


Be Nice!

Do unto others . . .

Glass is half FULL . . .

Take care of your body . . . It’s the only one you have and if it dies where will you live?


Be Well!

Play well with others . . .


Love unconditionally!

Be diligent, intentional, PURPOSEFUL!

Follow your Heart!



ALWAYS tell the truth!

Let it go!

Practice JOY and Invite Adventure!

So . . .

There’s the plan . . .

I wish the same for you that Christine has wished for me . . . and the good news is that you don’t have to wait for your Birthday to make this the first day of the rest of your Joy filled & adventurous life 🙂

Just sayin’



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