Monday Morning Coffee – It’s not how hard we work

Some people are famous for how “Hard Working” they are.

Some hardly seem to work at all and are famous for their work.

Some like to please everyone while others are content with serving more intimate, niche minded folks.

It’s an easy leap of cognition to imagine that the real differentiation is that of volume.

Every “Mega-Producer” I know works VERY hard and seems to be driven by a high volume of sales and recognition. Ostensibly, their egos fuel their success.

Meanwhile, the niche players sometimes appear to have no interest in “building their business” and seldom break a sweat . . . serving one client at a time.

What’s the real difference between these 2 degrees of working (Mega – Niche)?

I suggest that success has less to do with “working hard” and more to do with passion for the work you do along with a resolute commitment to take responsibility for that passion by taking “appropriate action.”

I have heard people quip that the “Mega-Performers” are all about ego and volume and don’t care about individual clients . . . “Churn & Burn” . . . While this may be true for some of these “Megas,” It’s certainly not categorically accurate.

Megas are passionate about serving many customers/clients at a high level. These folks do this by studying and refining a business model that scales, developing systems that scale, having the “right people” on their “bus,” and investing all the right tools to support the operation.

Interestingly, the highly successful niche “players” do precisely the same things on a smaller scale – Model – Systems – People – Tools.

Seth Godin touched the nuance of this “taking Responsibility for Passion in his blog post this morning entitled:ย Doing the Hard thingsย in which which he ends: “”How do we do something so difficult that others can’t imagine doing it?” is a fine question to ask today.”

Consider anyone you know who is famously “accomplished” in her field of work.

Is she “Mega” or “Niche”?

Does it matter?

As I imagined the business model for Pareto Realtyย in 2010, I carefully considered all of the above and did quite a bit of “Passion Searching.” From the very beginning, these words defined what we would choose to build in the way of a Real Estate Firm in Middle Tennessee.

Niche Oriented


Learning Based


and it’s working. Our mission as a Firm is to have a specialist on our team for every nook and cranny of Middle Tennessee such that every Home Buyer and Seller will enjoy being served by a LOCAL Real Estate Sales Professional . . . an agent who knows the streets and neighborhoods, and people in the area.

We strive to be a reliable Resource for ALL things Real Estate in Middle tennessee . . . so . . . whatever it is relating to Real Estate, connect with us . . . we’ll design solutions with you.

Home grown real Estate

PS – While shopping for replacement glass for a house, I stumbled upon the Evans Glass company website and love their tag line:

don't ask


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