Monday Morning Coffee – It’s not all that

Sometimes, the mole hill becomes a MOUNTAIN right before our very eyes.


Even the least significant happenings can become larger than life if they present themselves at just the right time.

Blood pressure rises and rational thought wanes.

This can be the start of a downward spiral that can squelch any and all forward motion that once was.

During these times, it’s easy to cast blame on others or develop conspiracy theories (They’re ALL out to get me), or myriad other thoughts and emotions which can very efficiently derail even the best laid plans.

First – Remember that it’s just a mole hill – a blip – a speed bump or obstacle to navigate.



Regain Composure!

Move forward with consistent persistence and do whatever it takes to overcome and resume a smooth journey.

Don’t let your brain distract you from your resolute commitment to complete the mission.

Acknowledge that “It’s not all that!”

Besides – 10 years from now, no-one will know (or even care) about this insignificant mole hill.

Proceed in ALL your magnificence til tackled.

I’m one of your biggest fans.

When’s the last time you encountered a mole hill that derailed your psyche?

How did you get yourself through it?

When you made it to the other side, was it “all that?”

PS – As a Real Estate Strategist, I know that every Real Estate Transaction has potential for many “Mole Hills” any (or ALL) of which indubitably appear to be MOUNTAINS to my House Buying and Selling Clients . . . It’s up to me to guide us all Over, Under, Through, or around each of these as I consistently affirm to my clients that “It’s not all that!”

Published by Barry Owen

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