Monday Morning Coffee – It all begins with Attitude

Whatever it is . . .

Whatever may be happening . . .

Whoever is “in the house” . . .

Whenever it starts . . .

It ALL begins with Attitude.

Adopt and Maintain an attitude of potential, growth, success, warmth, possibilities . . . and things go better (even in the worst of scenarios)

Take an attitude of victim, downtrodden, back-stabbed, unfair, “THEY” did it (to me), It’s “THEIR” fault . . . and things spiral downward into the abyss.

You get to choose.

Once you’ve made your choice, you’ll need to let go of some of your expectations and throttle your “control issues” . . . It’s time to let other people fill in some gaps and handle some of the details.

This can be scary advice to follow, but I think it falls into the realm of needing to stick your neck out in order to continue forward motion even in the face of (sometimes) extreme adversity.

I see this play out in my own and the lives of others as we deal with uncertainty in the economy, jobs, personal tragedy (Illness or death). In every case of extreme hardship I can recall, there’s always a miracle story emerging . . . fueled by attitude.

Getting this part right on the front end, gives you the opportunity to do the one thing that guarantees you will have your dog in the hunt . . .


We are all cheering for you and we ALL know you have it in you to WIN.

Let’s create some miracles together . . .



PS – Last week I announced a full day conference to be November 3 – The Nashville Real Estate Consortium – I bring it to your attention because it’s not just for REALTORS – You, too, can participate. We are bringing together a whole slew of local businesses (Let me know if you know of anyone I should invite – or pass along the web address) along with a couple hundred local REALTORS around the theme: “2013 is the year for ______”



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