Monday Morning Coffee – Integrity, Strength, Apology, and Forgiveness

This past weekend, our family had the extraordinary experience of attending Niece Rachel’s Bat Mitzvah in the ever-so-beautiful setting of Park city, Utah.

Having attended several Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah through the years – Cousins, Nieces, and Nephews – I was excited because I ALWAYS find amazing personal fulfillment in the ritual and outpouring of love rendered by all in attendance as these young boys and girls transition into the adult world.

Perhaps this sounds “selfish” (and yes – It’s a “guilty Pleasure” of mine), but I’ll atone for my personal Spiritual gluttony with an offering  . . . a paying forward.

Life without integrity


This passage: “Life Without Integrity” doesn’t let ANYONE off the hook and reminds all of us that our personal integrity and authenticity in every NOW moment has a far reach “to eternity.”

How could ANYONE deny this?

Once realizing this significance, would not more people be more careful with their thoughts, words, and actions?

“the fate of all time depends upon a single moment.”


Living WITH Integrity comes from a true Spirit of Abundance and generosity and a true commitment to preserving nothing but the highest standard of authenticity.

This must be an ACTIVE and INTENTIONAL life-long pursuit.

Not long after learning this lesson of integrity, this next passage gave me just what the doctor ordered: “I Need STRENGTH!”

I need strengthI truly believe that every person on the planet could benefit tremendously by having some time each day with this passage.

None of us “live in a vacuum” and we cannot control the myriad moving parts of our environment.

“They” say: “Life comes at you FAST!” as a way of reminding us that everything is moving . . . ALWAYS!

Yes! things go awry – people ail, die, divorce, or estrange . . . seldom does anything of significance happen according to the plan.

If we are to expect anything, we should probably expect to be SURPRISED!

Maintain Strength, Humility, Courage, and Patience!

Be Strong!

Never withhold apology and be very generous with forgiveness.

We are all SO proud of Rachel . . . and so thankful for the gifts SHE has bestowed upon us during this weekend long rite of passage.

I wish for you a week of Integrity, Strength, Apology, Forgiveness, and ABUNDANCE!



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