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Whatever it is . . . It’s gonna Be OK!


It IS!

We ALL have plenty to fret about.

ANYTHING can go wrong and according to Murphy, EVERYTHING will.

It usually hits the fan when you least expect it . . . and it comes in 3’s.

Sometimes it kicks you when you’re already down . . . and then kicks again and again and again, until you start to think ALL of your Good Luck is gone – used up.

It’s easy to start thinking that you’re jinxed, and that EVERYONE else is living a charmed and hassle-free life with nowhere near the size and complexity of the issues you are facing.

Of course, this way of thinking is VERY easy to justify – Just read your news feed on Facebook or instagram . . . All of your “friends” are out there living magical lives of fun and frolic while you stew in the raplexity of this life you have created for yourself.

Doom and Gloom stand between you and that dimming light at the end of the tunnel.

So . . . Believe me – igbok!

If you want it to be OK, you’re going to have to shift your way of thinking.

We all know that the definition of “Insanity” is doing the same things and expecting different results.

We also know that we cannot solve the issues with the same level of thinking that brung us here.

In my field of work (Real Estate Sales and Training/Consulting Real estate Sales Professionals), there are literally hourly “opportunities” to participate in other people’s Drama. All of this Drama is VERY real for the people living in it, but in almost every case, people on the outside looking in who are not engaged can be quick to dismiss it as “Unnecessary” . . . and cast labels such as “Drama Queen”

I love the simple solutions . . .

igbok is one of those.

Unplug from the drama – Find some level ground – Know that in the end it’s gonna be OK – Choose to shift your way of dealing with things (and people) that have created the drama in your life in a Responsive way . . . instead of being reactive and panic-driven.





Disengage, S L O W things down and then reengage with a fresh energy and perspective.


It’s Gonna Be OK!

Hope you have a great week.


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