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Easter Sunday mass was PACKED at our church (and I imagine also at most other churches). Religious holidays tend to bring worshipers into the church who practice “Holiday Attendance” instead of weekly. This, in no way, implies some are “more worthy’ than others . . . It just is the 80/20 Principle 🙂

I judge not as I am occasionally guilty as charged.

I’m glad we attended Mass yesterday. The message in the Homily was one of HOPE and LIGHT, and I came away with a very warm energy.

HOPE is what carries us through thick and thin, prosperity and adversity, love and war . . .


We all share the same LIGHT . . . and at any given moment some of us are closer to that light’s clarity and warmth than others.

So . . . What Easter (and Easter Mass) did for me was to re-affirm my Faith in HOPE . . . AND re-enforce the simple truth that whatever happens is the only that could and that we often disrupt this “natural rhythm” as we slip into judgement.

Wiki says: “Hope is the emotional state, the opposite of which is despair, which promotes the belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one’s life.”


Faith is confidence or trust in a person or entity.”

Seth Godin wrote: ” If we’re going to do great work, it means that some people aren’t going to like it. And if the people who don’t like it don’t have an impact on what happens to the work after it’s complete, the only recourse of someone doing great work is to ignore their opinion.” Is everyone entitled to their opinion?


It’s VERY easy in these times of uncertainty and hyper-communication for folks to lose perspective . . . and meander astray of their personal light . . . and lose Faith in their HOPE.

Use of “Social Media” for interpersonal communication can be as much a curse as a blessing in this regard. LISTEN to your heart (and listen to Seth), and don’t let other’s judgement discourage your HOPE and Faith.

Every day, I hear stories of people who are distressed about what so-and-so said about this, that, or someone . . . or that “SHE” unfriended me . . . and how businesses (and political candidates) are using Facebook as a way of manipulating folks to unknowingly promote them.

It is true that this stuff is happening . . .

My bottom line . . . Let’s invest LESS time and energy into electronic forms of communication (Internet, text, Phone) and MORE into the people and things that MATTER . . . Like:



Genuine Relationships (Face-to-face)

Without judgement.

Just sayin’



PS: As Pareto Realty continues to evolve, I become more aware that our underlying purpose is very simple . . . REALTORS have the potential to be community builders, and our business model is all about encouraging and teaching our members to SPECIALIZE just as I do with my own flavor of high-touch Real Estate Sales and Consulting. Call me to learn more 🙂





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