Monday Morning Coffee – Have you found it yet?

Has the Holiday SPIRIT shown up yet?

What’s your trigger?

What’s that one thing that happens every year that sets off in your mind the series of mental hijinx that pull you out of your cacophonous life reality of working in the trenches and facing year-end to-dos and deadlines?

(I’m very proud of the run-on sentence with unique words)

When does it all shift from “drudgery” to celebration?

For some, this happened weeks ago . . . maybe even pre-Thanksgiving if you’re tuned into the marketing hype.

Black Friday?

A particular party or tradition?

The arrival of family and Friends . . . or your arrival “Home for the Holidays”

We’re in a very raplex world (Rapid and complex) that seems to get more frenetic with the passing of each moment of every day.

It’s easier than ever to be that gerbil running on the exercise wheel (and getting nowhere) in the name of “Finishing the year STRONG!”

I’m all for¬†“Finishing the year STRONG!,” but don’t let that steal your joy of the season.

I hereby give you permission to take a break, and I believe that TODAY would be a FABULOUS day to shift your mindset into the Holiday SPIRIT!

Do this NOW!

Can’t the craziness pause for the next 7 days?

Aw c’mon now!

You deserve this!

Your family and friends want you (the WHOLE you) to engage and celebrate with them.

Last night was my trigger as the members of Pareto Realty gathered for our annual celebratory feast at our favorite Valentinos Ristorante

2014-12-17 21.30.48As always, the food was nothing short of delectable.

Our “No talking about Real Estate” rule didn’t hold for long, but we’re REALTORS and it’s not apparently possible for any of us to be together for 3 hours without a few good real estate stories.

We had FUN!

We laughed and played and celebrated each other’s companies.

The opening toast was: “I’m glad y’all came – That is all!”

Nothing more – no agenda – no pressure.

As Deb and I drove away, we were energized and so very grateful for having each and every one of these people in our life.

So . . . Go ahead!

Proclaim yourself “In the SPIRIT” and dive in.

Tell me your stories . . .

Today . . . I buy the ribs for our traditional Christmas Eve Feast . . . Let’s do this!

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