Monday Morning Coffee – Get Moving During the Holidays

Good Monday Morning!

Every year about this time (Mid October), I’m asked the question:

“Should we pull our house off the market through the Holidays and re-list in the Spring?”

and every year about this time (Mid October), I then write a blog post that answers the question tailored to market conditions for that particular year.

My “verdict” always seems to be the same:

“The Holiday Season is a FABULOUS time to “Get Moving” by buying and/or selling a house!”

This year’s answer is going to be less “Pragmatic” than prior years.

In the past, it’s been more about the statistical truths that Housing inventory shrinks beginning in October and doesn’t start growing until March, thereby creating a veritable 5 month hiatus for many folks. These truths still apply this year, but I think this year needs a different flavor because of the fear and uncertainty that has crept into many folks’ minds.

Most of that inventory shrinkage happens (I believe) from 2 primary sources:

  • Motivation to move of the House Buyer and/or Seller is not strong enough to sustain the process during the holidays (Nothing wrong with this – It is what it is)
  • Uninformed (or misinformed) House Sellers who buy into the misconception that the market goes quiet during those 5 months, and that their house will either not sell or will sell below market value.

An economic truth is that as supply decreases, demand increases . . . and I have found this truth to manifest every year of my 19 years in this business.

Home Buyers and Sellers who take action during the Holidays are SERIOUS . . . They have real motivation and reasons for moving and are so focused on where they are going the holiday season actually provides them opportunity to move about the marketplace more freely.

So . . . Why “Get Moving During the Holidays?”

  1. Ask yourself: “What are you doing with your life? Come clean with yourself – Are you happy with where you are?” If so . . . stay put . . . If not, don’t blame others (or timing) . . . Take ACTION (Even if it’s the Holiday Season)
  2. If your vision of where you want to be differs from the reality of where you are now, the planets have aligned to help you get there (From a real estate market perspective in Middle TN) – Mortgage rates continue to hold steady at Historic LOWS, Values are holding (increasing in some areas), Banks are lending money to qualified borrowers, and the homes available have motivated Sellers.
  3. What are you doing? Take Responsibility by choosing to make an informed decision . . . Call your local REALTOR for a consultation . . . Then . . .
  4. Show up! BE Present! Commit to the process and bring full focus to bear on the vision.
  5. Always tell the truth! No “Hiding behind Ego” allowed.
  6. Follow what has heart and meaning! This has NOTHING to do with other people’s agendas. What’s best for your family NOW?
  7. Let it go! Don’t let yourself get stuck on preconceived notions as to how this transition “should” flow. It’ll drive you nuts.
  8. Whoever comes is the right people! Know that as long as you are following the principles (1-7) and are committed to your vision, the right people will show up to help you get there.
  9. Whatever happens is the only thing that could have – Quit worrying so much . . . It’s time to LIVE and Let live! Nothing of real significance has EVER happened according to the plan 🙂
  10. Whenever it starts is the right time – PATIENCE with yourself and the process. This market is moving in jumps and starts to the casual observer, but for us REALTORS riding this wave every day, it’s actually showing a relatively steady flow.
  11. Wherever it happens is the right place – This is a fantastic time to consider that “Crazy Dream” you’ve had for years. Is it a house on the water? Cabin in the woods? Move from the BIG house to a small condo + a vacation home 30 minutes from “home?”
  12. When it’s over, it’s over – How cool will it be when you get “there?”

I was trying to keep it to 10 . . . Couldn’t do it 🙂

and finally . . . The Law of 2 Feet

If you find yourself in a place where you are neither contributing nor receiving anything of value, it is YOUR responsibility to use your 2 feet to take yourself to a place where you CAN contribute and/or receive something of value.

Don’t just sit there wishing for change . . . Make it happen NOW!

Just sayin’




Numbers 4-7 come from Angeles Arrien’s FourFold Way

Numbers 8-12 and The Law of 2 Feet come from Harrison Owen’s Open Space Technology



PS – Pareto Realty is GROWING and has pure focus to build significantly in the next few months. Everything we are doing focuses entirely on creating an extraordinary House Buying/Selling experience here in Middle Tennessee and positioning our firm as THE place to go as a resource for all things Real Estate.





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