Monday Morning Coffee – Fitting it all in

Do you sometimes wish there were 2 of you?

Somehow, it seems that technology is working against efficiency.

There’s more to do, and the “normal” expectation is “Immediate Gratification.”

Go ahead and admit it . . . When you text someone a question, your expectation is an immediate response without regard for what that person might be in the middle of doing . . . and you get irritated and maybe even a little offended if they don’t respond for 2 or 3 hours.

It is this very societal expectation that is creating an unhealthy attention deficit environment of epic proportions 24/7/365.

If you’re on the receiving end of the text, you may feel great pressure to respond quickly, but you might not have immediate access to the “tools” you need to be able to respond appropriately . . . like your calendar or the relevant file . . . or you could be driving or in a meeting or watching a movie or or or or . . .

Invariably, each text or email you receive puts something new on your plate (Which is already quite FULL), so you find yourself scrambling to “fit it ALL in.”


Herein lies the root of the problem.

Must you really “Fit it all in?”


When did you agree to THAT contract?

Were you intoxicated when you signed it?

Perhaps you missed the “fine print?”

Unless you can actually show me a signed contract that requires you to be ultra-responsive to EVERY text, tweet, DM, email, VM, phone call, and smoke signal that comes atcha, I hereby grant you full authority to respond on YOUR terms.

It’s absolutely OK to say: “NO!”

It’s also OK to turn your (Smarter than you) phone off for period of times such that you can’t hear it’s chirps and buzzes.

It’s equally fine to ignore it when it rings. If the caller has something important to say, they’ll leave you a message.

You now have FULL AUTHORITY to change the definition of “Fitting it all in” to include uninterrupted quality time with your family, friends, and yourself.

If they’re the right people, they’ll understand.

Just because you have the capability doesn’t mean you should . . .

Hope you have the BEST, low-stress week EVER!


PS – As I coach and consult the REALTORS with Pareto Realty, I emphasize this need to take good care of themselves such that they can serve their clients better.

This is important stuff!

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