Monday Morning Coffee – Finding Your Groove (An Interpretive Query)

Doesn’t it feel great when you’re “in your groove?”

Isn’t it magical to see others who are “in their Groove” and performing at a high level seemingly effortlessly?

I love observing a real PRO practicing her art.

I love the RESULTS when I’m on the “being served” end of the relationship . . . Like that perfect meal in a restaurant when the server and the chefs are in their groove and the timing, ambiance, and the look and taste of of the food are flawlessly delivered.

We all CRAVE this “Groove” thing on both sides of the serve:be served relationship. Those who are serving find more success when in their groove as their customers and clients RAVE about their expertise and execution.

People love to refer businesses that exceed their expectations consistently.

BUT . . . What happens when things start coming unraveled?

Even the best of us have bad days, right?

I believe it’s important not to simply chalk it up as a “bad day” and move forward doing the same things. When a bad day happens, does it knock you out of your groove?



Everything was GROOVY and moving along swimmingly, and WHAMO!

What kind of “Damage control” needs done?

and now for the trick question:

“What IS a “Groove?”

Could it be that what you thought was your GROOVE has become a RUT?

When you first entered this groove, it was just what your customers/clients wanted/needed . . .

It was a “sweet spot” . . .

It was a good ride . . .

For a while . . .

Then those you were serving got BORED  . . .

Their needs and wants shifted . . .

but you were in your rut and didn’t notice . . .

until that “Bad Day” . . .

It’s time for some “re-Creation” – Time to shake things up a bit.


Change the Menu

Find out what they want and focus on THAT.

so . . . What good is a groove if it’s likely to become a rut?

This depends on your definition of “Groove”

Is your groove a “fixed way of doing things that’s working?”


Is your groove a “rhythm”  . . . as in “Get your Groove Thang on!”

A dance as you perform your art?

A way of doing business (and living) that’s perhaps less rigid (more fluid) and adaptable . . . Lighter on your feet.

The menu’s always changing . . .

Every day, there’s an improvement in your process . . .

Innovations are always in the works . . .

and there’s an on-going REAL dialog with those you serve.

Don’t let your Groove kill your business just because you’ve picked the wrong definition.

Get Your Groove THANG ON!

and smile



PS – Pareto Realty is a young company with a whole lot of GROOVE happening. We’re just over 2 years old and in the midst of an extreme makeover WRT Branding, Marketing, Back-Office Process . . . EVERYTHING . . . all the while holding to our fundamental philosophy that we support and invigorate the businesses of High Performing NICHE Real Estate Sales Specialists throughout Middle TN . . .

If you are a Home Buyer or Seller interested in having a Groovy Real Estate Transaction, contact us . . .

If you are a REALTOR in Middle TN who would like to know more about our way of doing business (What’s different?), call me Barry Owen 615-568-2123

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