Monday Morning Coffee – Duct tape? or Duck tape? or both? #in

Good Monday Morning and Martin Luther King Day to ya!

Hope you are enjoying a long weekend and getting the rest you need for a productive 4 day week. I find that I get more done in 4 day weeks than I usually get done in 5 day weeks . . . hmmm!

It’s been said by some very wise person that there really are only 2 “tools” needed around the house. If these 2 tools cannot fix the problem, it’s time to replace the thing.

Duct tape . . . and WD-40

If it’s moving, and you don’t want it to – use the Duct tape!

If it’s not moving and you DO want it to – use the WD-40!

Last night, Deb suggested that I blog about duct/duck tape this morning because we have discovered that “duct” and “duck” are both correct for a very creative reason.

There’s a whole cult following for “Duct Tape Art” . . . which requires the use of “Duck Tape”, a pair of scissors, and occasionally a few sundry other items (like a drinking straw).

Properly equipped, any group of children can entertain themselves for HOURS and turn out some pretty great looking (and sometimes useful) products. Check out the on-line gallery . . . Duct Tape art Gallery . . . Buy your Duck tape at Michael’s . . . Learn how with on-line tutorials . . . How-to YouTube videos . . .


Who’d a thought?

If you don’t have any children around the house, adults can entertain themselves for hours with this also 🙂

I write a fresh blog post (or 2) almost every day at Most all of my writing ties into useful business practices and/or “Life Rhythm” orientation . . . I and my new real estate firm Pareto Realty are all about exploring high performance and high play and high achievement and helping others do the same should they choose to participate.

What’s that got to do with Duct/Duck tape?

I think EVERYTHING . . .

We adults need to quit taking life so seriously and PLAY more.

Wag more – Bark less!

My friend Jody Lentz worked for years consulting with Leaders of organizations with the use of Lego’s – Lego Serious Play

When we play, we have more fun getting things done TOGETHER!

So . . . If you’re looking for a great way to get people (Children or adults) moving TOGETHER towards accomplishment of a goal, maybe it’d worth a quick trip to an elementary school to see what the children are doing with every day things . . . and take that back to the office.

I’m just sayin’



We’re having fun building a Real Estate Sales Firm and developing a business to serve the needs of home Buyers and Sellers in Middle Tennessee and are looking for playmates. If you know of anyone pondering a move any time in the next few years, please invite them to our game by contacting me.

If you’re a REALTOR looking for “more” – life rhythm – a unique real estate firm model . . . You’re invited to our sand-box 🙂

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