Monday Morning Coffee – Does the Pace ALWAYS have to be Frenetic?

Busyness can be intoxicating.

In our high tech and increasingly raplex world, Frenetic Action seems to be the goal.

If you’re not moving at the speed of light, you’re dull and boring and perceived to be less successful?

Why is there this “need” to be¬†exciting and dramatic all 24/7/365?

Is life less worthwhile and fulfilling if you’re traveling below your top speed?

Oh, I do get it!

The faster and more intense we go, we think the higher the likelihood that we’ll “BREAK THROUGH” to some sort of GREATNESS that we would not otherwise achieve. Those BREAKTHROUGH moments are exhilarating when they happen, but they seldom show up according to plan, and I defy anyone to prove that frenetic energy increases the odds of having them.

That “Busyness” begets success is a big lie.

Somewhere amongst the warp speed experiences we have as we kick in the adrenaline after-burners when our feet hit the ground each morning is a need for some “down time.”

At that moment at which we feel like the faster we go, the behinder we get . . . It’s time to slow down and/or step out of the rip-tide that we’ve been riding, lest it carry us out into the sea of oblivion as we struggle and attempt to deny the inevitable fatigue and decay of acuity . . . We become less mentally apt, and work results are counter productive.

Now is the time to seal yourself in your own hermetically sealed chamber of solitude even if only for a short time for rejuvenation. This is time for gathering thoughts, percolating new ideas, calming the mind, and protecting our minds from “Space Invaders” who take great relish in distracting our attention from the things that matter most.

We can schedule down time, but I’ve noticed that when creativity and Spirit are flowing and I’m running with good mojo, it would be shameful to break that momentum with a “Scheduled break” . . .

Why not continue along and grab breaks as the energy wanes?

Pay attention to the this cycle from frenetic to calm, cool, and collected and back to frenetic and unapologetically develop your own, personal rhythm.

There now . . . You now have “Permission” to step out and take a break” whenever you need.

What will you do with this new freedom?


All of the above falls under the Heading of “Living in Open Space” based on the principles and Law described by my Father Harrison Owen

  • Whoever Comes is the Right People
  • Whenever it starts is the right time
  • Wherever it happens is the Right Place
  • Whatever Happens is the only thing that could have
  • When it’s over, it’s over

The law of 2 Feet:

If at any time you find yourself in a place where you feel you are neither contributing or receiving anything of value, it is your responsibility to use your 2 feet and take yourself to a place where you CAN contribute and/or receive value . . . and be useful.

Published by Barry Owen

Strategist-CEO of Pareto Realty Real estate sales Professional Inviter-Facilitator-Practicer of Open Space Technology Opening safe space for people & organizations to self-organize around issues & opportunities BarryOwen.US Invite-Listen-Love

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