Monday Morning Coffee – Daring to be different

It’s much easier to be “Plain Vanilla

People don’t notice you as much . . .

“getting by”

“Flying under the radar”

The alternative carries risk . . . and HIGH potential REWARD!

“The Turtle Creed” begins with:

Turtles are bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, fearless and unafraid folk with a fighter pilot attitude. They think clean, have fun a lot and recognize the fact that never get anyplace worthwhile in life unless you stick your neck out.

(There’s more of a story for another day @ the IOT – International Order of Turtles)


While in school, were you the one who was VERY strategic about selecting where to sit in the classroom . . . to reduce the odds of being called on by the teacher? Did you avoid eye contact? Raised your hand EARLY and ONLY when you were CERTAIN of the answer so as to protect yourself from embarrassing Teacher ambushes?

Some folks are still in that routine as they journey through life . . . Hiding from the light . . . staying in the shadows so as not to be noticed.

That’s all fine and dandy unless there are GOALS and ASPIRATIONS.


So . . . If the bug of wanting to move FORWARD bites ya . . . The ONLY way to do it is to:

“Stick your neck out there” and BOLDLY Dare to be DIFFERENT!

Stand UP!

Stand OUT!


Acknowledge your PASSION and take responsibility for it through ACTION!

Yep . . . This is scary stuff . . . but I just HAD to say it because I see too many people out there saying they’d “Rather be _____”

If you’d “Rather be” doing something other than what you’re doing . . . What’s stopping you?

My suspicion is that the only thing stopping most folks is mortal fear of sticking the neck out.

I say all of this just as I continue to stick my own neck out there a little more every day. It began with launching a new Real Estate Sales firm with a unique business model and what some folks would say an “airy-fairy” philosophy of creating a “Local Specialist Niche” in our market . . . and doing this in one of the worst economic environments of the Century.

Every day I stick my neck there further, and every day I learn . . . and I tweak and adjust . . . and every day I know in my heart that I’m getting CLOSER to the goal.

so . . . no more “rather be’s” . . .

Stick your neck out more every day and LIVE!

Just sayin’



PS – Pareto Realty IS moving forward with some BOLD strategies focused intently on serving our clients (Home Buyers and Sellers) impeccably . . . Stay tuned for more news coming soon about how WE are Daring to be Different. (Or contact me, and we can talk about things over a cup of coffee)

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