Monday Morning Coffee – “Celebrate Good Times C’Mon”

It’s been a rare weekend of Celebration in the Owen House.

Friday was our “Business Celebration” as our “Baby” Pareto Realty rang in our 3rd year of business. It was a festive day with a nice lunch and many stories. We’re excited about our present . . . a new website which will go LIVE on Monday 9/17/2012.

Here’s our Celebration song – CRANK IT UP!

It just so happens that daughter Allison turns 11 on Monday, so the Celebration carried through the weekend with a house FULL of friends.

Without question, 6 girls KNOW how to celebrate. It was ALL about Allison.

Hey adults!

Do you celebrate enough?

You do know that all work and no play makes for a dull existence, right?

So . . . I hereby give you permission to stop acting like such a “responsible adult” and start celebrating accomplishments and Holidays with reckless abandon.

Go ahead!

Let your hair down.

Life’s too important to be taken so seriously.


PS – If you’re in the mood to make a move into, out of, or within Middle TN, contact us at Pareto Realty and Let’s get this party started.

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