Monday Morning Coffee – Build it yourself

I see more and more people seeking REAL relationships now that some of the social media mayhem seems to be settling.

Folks are “weeding their “Friends” list on facebook, Twitter, and in real life as they seek deeper connections with other people.

Perhaps the reality is starting to set in that it’s not how many people you “know” . . . It’s all about how many people you know WELL. Life gets exponentially more fulfilling when we find people who are in alignment with our beliefs, principles, ethics, etc.

More people seem to be craving LOCAL businesses owned and operated by REAL PEOPLE who ar actually there every day SERVING them, getting to know them by name, and “Living the Dream”.

There’s VALUE in REAL relationship for professionals.

These cravings seem to have opened doors for more and more entrepreneurial start-ups. As the economy tanked, there were lots of VERY smart people suddenly jobless. Many of them spun off (and continue to spin off) to start news ventures.

The internet has turned into a tremendously efficient tool for these entrepreneurs to feel their way forward in this uncharted territory.

Myriad small and locally companies are quietly popping up everywhere satisfying the cravings of the local folks . . . and finding very satisfying levels of success.

If you want it (a product, service, networking group, club) and you cannot find one that fits you . . . Create it yourself! . . . All you’ve gotta do is “Just DO IT!”

There are some great examples of businesses doing just this all around us.

Gabby’s Burgers & Fries – Worth Talking About – and perhaps the best burger I’ve ever passed over my lips.

The Wild Hare – So new I haven’t made it there, but the reviews are great – On White Bridge Road – Our Friend Elizabeth Bills launched it a couple weeks ago.

A variety of Banks – Ins Bank, Avenue Bank, the Bank of Nashville

Pareto Realty – Launched September of 2010 . . . offering a “Tasty Blend” of all of those components of a real estate estate firm I couldn’t find in the larger Brand firms.

BUY LOCAL is quickly becoming chic, and I’m going to help you in the coming months (and years) with a combination of different internet media avenues to introduce new or established locally owned and operated businesses . . . blogging, youtube video, facebook, website directory . . .

Let me know if you know of any new businesses we should feature.

It’s all about strengthening our community through support for our local business owners.

Just sayin’



PS – this Friday, I am leading my quarterly “Life Rhythm Workshop” which is all about creating your optimal life FLOW of work and play. We’ll explore goals, vision . . . and bring it into the present . . . and you’ll leave the room with a “System” for keeping yourself on track daily, weekly, monthly, and annually . . . ANYONE is welcome – RSVP Please.

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