Monday Morning Coffee – 60 – 360 – 86400 – 604,800 – 2,419,200 – 31,556.926

60 Seconds in a minute

360 Seconds in an Hour

86,400 Seconds in a day

604,800 Seconds in a Week

2,419,200 Seconds in a Month

31,556,926 Seconds in a Year

(For those who are checking my math, The “year” figure doesn’t mesh exactly – It’s the “actual”)

What in this world are you DOING with all of these seconds?

It’s true that we all have the same number seconds available to us . . .

as long as we are living, this is true!

We invented time (It IS a Human invention) . . . and because we (most of us) are egotistical control freaks, we have this notion that we can MANAGE this time.

So . . . When time “gets away from us,” and the deadline is suddenly upon us, it cannot be OUR fault . . . It’s Time’s fault!


Time! Go to your room and think about what you’ve done . . . and don’t come out til you’re ready to BEHAVE! 

Of course we know this is silliness.

Each of us individually has responsibility for what we do with 86,400 seconds each day.

If we’re not getting what we want or need out of it, perhaps we should consider tweaking our SELF-Management.

A few easy “plug and play” ideas to optimizing your performance – your use of your 86,400 each day:

  • Be selfish! Guard your time! Pay attention to whether your Giving or Receiving Value in every moment . . . If not, use your 2 feet to take yourself to a place where you CAN be useful.
  • KNOW where you are going! Take some time each morning, beginning of each week, month, year to identify personal and professionals goals and aspirations . . . Be very INTENTIONAL about “spending your time” doing things that contribute to the realization of these goals.
  • FOCUS on your 20%! Know what “Things to do” are VITAL and which are Trivial. Keep 2 lists (not one) . . . The vital stuff stays front and center . . . New ideas (bright, shiny, distracting objects) go on the other list and must earn their way over time onto the Vital List before getting too much of your attention.
  • LIVE – WORK – PLAY! Be attentive to all 3. “Balance” is an illusion, yet the truth is that “All work and no play (or family) really DOES make Jack a dull boy!” Life is too short to deny yourself a healthy stew of all facets.
  • Invite others in! Invite Invite Invite . . . Do your thing and incessantly invite others to join you on your journey . . . The Right People will show up (perhaps only briefly . . . or for long stretches of time) . . . Know there will always be an in-flow and out-flow of productive and fulfilling relationships . . . as long as you continue to invite.
  • Be Thankful! Appreciate your and others’ contributions as you practice your own dance of life.
Having said all of the above, there are myriad “Self-Management Tools” like PDA’s, Calendars, Alarms, Email reminders, Databases, and accountability programs, and they ALL “work” . . . but only if you’ve done the “heavy lifting of self-management.”
This message was birthed from my own realization that Thanksgiving is 11 days away (ALREADY?) and Christmas is just around the corner . . . after which we all start another 31,556,926 seconds.
I’m TOTALLY committed to getting most out of my time here . . . How ’bout you?
Hope you have a great week!
PS: A big part of my “Why” for 2012 is to take Pareto Realty through 2 “phases” of development which will redefine “Residential Real Estate Firm” in Middle TN. I invite you to join us as we create something great! Our Performance Oriented team of Real Estate Professionals is poised and ready to serve Home Buyers and Seller quintessentially in Middle TN and beyond 🙂

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