modus operandi

What’s your modus operandi?

PRONUNCIATION: (MOH-duhs op-uh-RAN-dee) 
MEANING: noun: A particular way of doing something, especially a person’s typical mode of operation.
When someone says: “Oh! That just his modus operandi!” their comment could be lovingly POSITIVE or sneeringly negative.
Seldom is there middle ground.
After all, why would she pull out a couple of Latin words from the depths of her mind unless there were a REAL point to make?
He selflessly assumed the role of “Good Samaritan” and even though he was in a hurry to get to an appointment, he stopped when he saw the accident and checked to be sure everyone was OK.
He got irritated by the inconvenience of the traffic accident and blasted his horn as he drove by.
This is about what comes naturally . . . We’re all wired differently, and we all have great days and not-so-great days, but how do we act/react spontaneously.
You can’t fake this because it’s ingrained in your very being.
This isn’t to say you can’t amend your modus operandi positively or negatively over time.
The trick is that it’s MUCH more difficult to improve from negative perception in the eyes of all of the many people who know you. You’ve gotta build an authentic “Long Tail” of doing the right thing and taking the high road.
Unfortunately, it’s MUCH easier to degrade your modus operandi to a negative slant within just a few bad days.
Either way, it’s up to you.
This begins with realizing that you actually HAVE  a modus operandi whether you want it or not.
Just something to think about as you make the myriad decisions and human interactions throughout your day.
What are your colleagues and clients saying about you?
Do you care (enough)?
Hmmm . . . What will they say about you at your funeral?

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