This I know to be true – Miracles DO happen in real estate.

Just when we think the deal is DEAD . . . Like a phoenix rising, new life shows up and the darned thing CLOSES.

Of course, it doesn’t always happen this way because many deals fail these days for myriad reasons:

  • Inspections gone wonky
  • Appraisals falling short
  • On-set of cold feet in Buyers
  • Loans going awry
  • Underwriters running amok with their positional power
  • Job losses
  • Buyer Failure to disclose large, financial anomalies
  • Death
  • Divorce
  • Natural disaster

What’s FUN is when the impossible happens.

HUGE gaps in negotiations close seemingly effortlessly.

Monumental repair issues suddenly resolve.

Impossible Loan Scenarios close with new-found creativity.

The unappraisable property appraises $100 more than the selling price.

Out of 13 offers on the table, YOURS wins!

That mountain of paperwork magically converges into a closing.

Guess what?

Many of the MIRACLES happen because of the selfless toils of often unsung heroes . . . The REALTORS who foster each transaction with the utmost care and shepherd it through the dangerous gauntlet of the contract to close.

Most of these REALTORS show up at the closing with humility and give everyone else the credit for staying with and enduring the trials and tribulations of the process.

Only the most perceptive and intuitive folks really know where the rubber met the road and provided the traction needed to overcome all of the obstacles . . .

Oh go ahead . . . Hug your REALTOR today and tell her how much you appreciate her wisdom, advice, candor, love, sacrifice, and friendship.



Published by Barry Owen

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