Meetup Magic

As I remember, Twitter initially served primarily as a “Gathering Tool” for people to “Meetup.”

It created spontaneous parties populated by tweeps who were watching each other’s tweets and assembling at a variety of tweetups.

There were super tweeps who would buzz from one tweetup to the next to the next . . . They would twitter through each day following the electronic impulses and would see LOTS of people in short bursts of time all over town.

A collage of hyper-social and relatively shallow face-to-face encounters . . . or so it seemed to the casual observer.

but does this mean these tweeps are shallow peeps with shallow relationships?

Most Curmudgeons would answer with a resounding: “YES!”

THIS curmudgeon says: “Maybe NOT!”

As I witnessed today at an ActiveRain Meetup in Franklin, TN (hosted by Tammie White . . . sat next to Connie Harvey and across from Judy and Jerry Ryan . . . and at the head of the table sat Sherry Chastain) plenty of relationship DEPTH builds over time as peeps tweet (or in our case. blog) in the same space . . . I felt I knew all of these folks better simply knowing our kindred interest of the blogosphere.

The Meetup this morning brought it REAL . . . and FAST.

So . . . Facebook, Tweet, FourSquare, Snapchat to your heart’s content and develop your carpal tunnel syndrome . . .

just don’t forget to get real with all of those peeps once in a while in a good, old fashioned meetup.


It’s magical!


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