Maybe it’s time to get wobbly

Even the top notch notch performers have bad days.

In fact, some of these elite masters might even have a bad week – or bad month – – or bad year(s).

Tiger Woods won Major Tournaments in every year from 1996 – 2009

Then this:

2012 (3)
74. AT&T National
73. The Memorial
72. Arnold Palmer Invitational

2013 (5)
79. WGC Bridgestone Invitational
78. The Players Championship
77. Arnold Palmer Invitational
76. WGC Cadillac Championship
75. Farmers Insurance Open

2018 (1)
80. Tour Championship

2019 (1)
81. The Masters

What happened?

2010 broke the winning streak, and consistency all but disappeared culminating in ZERO wins for a 5 year period.

Tiger Woods didn’t quit during those down years. For sure, he had some “issues” happening in his life (Health, relationship, etc) that were huge distractions for his career. I don’t, for a minute, believe Tiger ever quit. He was in a MAJOR funky slump.

This happens to all of us. When things are going well, we are in rhythm. Opportunities seem to present themselves. Of course, we must do the work of seizing these opportunities and getting the most from them.

It seems that there are opportunities than we can handle, and this feels great because we can start making some choices. We can begin to specialize and be more choosey about who we will serve what and where.

These winning streaks happen because we are doing the right things consistently and diligently. We are “ON our game”

Then it comes to a grinding HALT, and the stuff we’ve been doing that has always worked mysteriously stops working.

Where’d the good mojo go?

Lest ye starve, you’ve gotta do something to get back into production.

STOP! Doing the same things isn’t yielding the same or better results, so it’s likely time to take your flow out of balance.

Pause the game!

Think back to that 1st successful year of business you had eons ago.

What did you do then to build the business from scratch?

I’m betting it was along the lines of Building a database, feeding it every day, and communicating with all of your peeps in a systematic way.

In short . . . you put your full effort into building relationships with everyone in your sphere of influence.

Those are the relationships that lead to business.

Now that those relationships are re-established, you can return to your healthy rhythm and flow.

Published by Barry Owen

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