Marty made our stay memorable.

The Hotel was already spectacular.

On our drive to Chicago, Deb wanted treat the family to a stay in a special Hotel so she booked a room at:


Our first impression wasn’t stellar because nearby road construction made getting there difficult . . . and when we did finally make it to the entrance of the Hotel, the lack of meaningful directional signs negated any possibility of discovering the self-parking lot without a few confusing exchanges with various Hotel Employees we hailed as they scurried from door to door outside the Hotel . . .

But when we finally got parked and entered the Hotel:

Simply Magnificent!

Instant decompression from the harrowing first leg of our drive.

This Hotel lobby is stunning and preserved in its original form. We would later see many examples of “Loving Restoration” without neutering of the details.

We were lucky enough to have a room on the 10th (Top) floor and had a nice chuckle when we boarded the minuscule elevator . . . and then a dose of trepidation as it creaked and groaned while lifting us.

That evening, we found supper in the Old Seelbach Bar which was comfortable and just the kind of food we expected to find – Comfortable and Casual.

Our room was comfortable . . . but the air conditioner was LOUD and felt compelled to turn on every 55 minutes whether it needed to or not.

In the morning, we came down the little elevator and upon emerging on the 1st floor encountered a nice man in a suite who greeted us with a smile. Deb mentioned the loud air conditioner to him, and we proceeded to Otto’s for a delicious Breakfast Buffet accompanied by the highest level of service I have EVER had  at a Buffet.

When the kids ordered Hot Chocolate, that same nice and well dressed man brought it . . . It seemed that every time we needed something, he was right there to be sure we got it. We began to wonder if he was our personal concierge.

As we finished Breakfast, we decided we wanted to know who this man was . . . and inquired at the front the desk . . . no-one seemed to know. We joked that he might have been like Nannie McFee: “Always there when you NEED him . . . but GONE when you want him.”

We finally figured out that he is “Marty” the Manager in training . . . and we never got to thank him for taking such great care of us . . . but we figured he was  off fulfilling the NEEDS of other guests,

When we got up to our room to pack our bags, we found a calling card from the Hotel Maintenance Staff letting us know that our comment about the air conditioner had been heard and that they were addressing the problem.



So . . .

When you pass through Louisville, I highly recommend a stay at The Seelbach.

If you’re lucky, Marty will still be there.

How are you doing in your work when it comes to tending to the NEEDS of your customers and clients?

THAT’S where the true rubber hits the road.

It’s what MATTERS!



More Cool Pictures of The Seelbach (Beginning with the “Coca-cola” man in the parking lot:

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  1. This made me think of our Hermitage Hotel downtown. Beautiful!
    I love the picture of the girls with the Coca-Cola man!

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