Map it first!

Before the days of GPS (Back in the day), I remember our vacations and all of the preparation my parents did leading up to the trip.

It didn’t always make sense to me, but everything they did was for good reason.

  • The house had to be SPOTLESSLY clean so that when we return (tired) we wouldn’t have to do much more than carry our luggage in and fall into clean beds
  • the refrigerator had to be empty of perishable food so it wouldn’t spoil while we were gone
  • there were lists of everything we would need to bring – Clothes, toiletries, Snacks for the road
  • MAPS – We always had AAA “Trip-Tics” and maps which were carefully assembled and studied
  • The car was serviced, fueled, and packed very deliberately making sure that the cartop carrier had the stuff we wouldn’t need while driving (and EVERYTHING we would need when we got there) and the stuff we would need while driving was where it needed to be.

All of this was done the day BEFORE departure, so we could load the 6 of us in the car EARLY in the morning so as to arrive at our destination for the day before dark.

Even with the Maps and Lists, there were surprises along the way. Forgotten items would be remembered 200 miles down the road (Too late to go back) and missed exits or road construction would invariably lead to moments of being “Lost” resulting in tension and conflict.

These trips were microcosms of everything we do in life.

When we mapped things out first, our odds of getting “there” with all of the stuff we would need increased exponentially. We kids thought our parents were non-spontaneous BORES because of their obsessive compulsive need to micro-manage this vacation preparation.

We acknowledge now the true method of their madness.

It was all about being prepared so we could all enjoy more of what matters during our trip (Togetherness, sightseeing, etc) without the distraction of stuff that doesn’t matter (chasing forgotten details and items).

Bring this real and present . . .

In everything we do . . .

a Simple formula . . .

  • Define the destination (goal, vision)
  • Map it
  • Create Checklist
  • Prepare
Some ways I see this formula “working” in MY day-to-day life
  • Building my Website
  • Structuring each day, week, month, year, decade, life
  • Working with Home Buyers and Sellers
  • Cooking
  • Entertaining
  • Aw Shucks . . .
EVERYTHING that MATTERS that you want to do deserves this level of engagement so as to increase your odds of success.
Thank you Mom and Dad for the great model 🙂


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