Lots of Questions – and your 2015 LAUNCH Punchlist

What you do NOW will define your success in 2015!

I know that may sound ominous . . .

and I know that you are tired from all of the hard work you’ve done THIS year and would like to take a break . . .

and I know that you are excited about the veritable gauntlet of celebrations we all enter in a few weeks beginning with Halloween . . .

and I ask you to do THIS:

Take care of YOURSELF!

Do this FIRST and NOW!

Save this date

November 12 from 9 til Noon, I’m offering a “nudge” to help you prepare yourself and your business for a solid LAUNCH into and through 2015.

In 3 short hours, we will “Drink from the fire-hose” together and travel through a goal setting process that will surely put you on the right path to having the best year EVER.

When you leave the room, you’ll have all the tools you will need to keep yourself on track throughout the year including Monthly, Weekly, & Daily calendaring and planning.

  • The cost is $20 (Should be $200)
  • Registration is easy – Just let me know you intend to attend and send me a check.
  • The location will be in West Nashville or Brentwood depending on the number of registrations
  • and yes – There will be food 🙂

Each week, I send an email to special group of people in my database. I call these my “Mega-Agents,” and they are the top 500 Real Estate Sales Professionals in the Middle Tennessee market. If you’re reading this on my blogsite and are not receiving these emails and would like to . . . let me know, and I’ll add you to the distribution.

This week seems to have been all QUESTIONS, so I offer the following Links and quotes:

When ANYONE is entering the process of Buying a house, I hope that the REALTOR and/or Mortgage Lender will Ask this Question – “Did you serve?” so as to remind them that if they have served in the Military, they may be eligible for 100% Financing with a VA Loan. Many Veterans forget about this eligibility (I did) . . . The link goes to a Facebook page about this.

Invariably when things go wonky in a relationship, negotiation, or transaction . . . What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate – This link goes to a blog post I wrote earlier this week. It’s short and to the point, and (IMHO) a worthy read 🙂

So often, we REALTORS hear home buyers ask: “Are there any “GOOD Deals” out there?” and we cringe because “Good Deal” is such a relative term. This link explores the meaning of “Good Deal”

Seth Godin wrote a killer blog post this morning No one to say no “People are not afraid of failure, they’re afraid of blame.”

And last but certainly not least from http://TUT.com – “if you only knew just how literally true all of these Notes are – concerning your power, your strength, and your divinity, about the love, the magic, and the infinite possibilities – for the next few days you’d see the rest of the world through tears. And you’d never stop giving thanks,  The Universe

For me . . . ALL of the above is about each and every one of us claiming and OWNING our personal power.

If you accomplish nothing else in 2015, do THIS!

Join us Wednesday 11/12 to prepare for YOUR LAUNCH!

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