Lord Love a Duck

What it means:

“An exclamation uttered when nothing else will fit… often used when stunned or dismayed.” from the Urban Dictionary

As I was growing up, I heard “Lord of a Duck!” often from my Mother and sometimes my Grandfather.

I always knew that it indicated some sort of stress/distress and usually was followed by some form of consequence.

30 years later (Yesterday), “Lord Love a Duck!” rolled off my tongue as I tripped over a bicycle INSIDE the house as I was heading for the garage. Uttering the phrase first brought a whole basket full of memories . . . and then I wondered what it REALLY means?

What’s the derivation of this phrase?

I did the usual – GOOGLED it . . . and come up empty handed in all of the usual places.


The internet doesn’t know the derivation of “Lord Love a Duck!”?

We can all now breathe a collective sigh of relief in the comfort of now knowing that the internet is NOT FULL and COMPLETE . . . There’s still some work to do.

The best I could come up with was the above definition which really indicates that it’s something to say instead of cursing.

I’ll likely say it more now that it’s surfaced in my mind. My reticular activator will perhaps filter out some of my moreĀ guttural expletives and replace them with “Lord Love a Duck!”

Now that that’s out of the way . . .

Lord love a DUCK!

Don’t “THEY” realize the value a REALTOR provides for a home Buyer and/or Seller throughout the process of a real estate Transaction?

I cannot think of another profession in which some customers/clients feel so comfortable questioning the fees for service and asking for discounts for their own convenience (in order to net more money from the transaction).

This doesn’t fly with Doctors, Attorneys . . . and I really don’t think it would go over very well with a salaried or hourly paid employee while checking out at the cash register.

Perhaps this is the REALTOR’s fault for doing so much her work “Ninja Style”

The BEST REALTORS are the ones who insulate their clients from the intricacies of the deal so as to protect them from unnecessary anxiety. After all, buying and/or selling a house bears plenty of stress, and if the REALTOR can handle some of the hiccups during the deal without alarming the client it’ll result in a smoother experience.

Most all GREAT REALTORS do this . . . EVERY day . . . and never brag . . . because it’s in alignment with their own, personal, unspoken “Hippocratic Oath” . . . It’s just the right thing to do – In service to others.

Most REALTORS very intentionally hone their skills of negotiating, Presentation, Psychological understanding, listening so they can consistently deliver calm and unruffled experiences for their clients.

This can be exhausting work . . . and more often than most non-REALTORS know ends up in disappointment when deals come unglued and fail to close or clients make commission reduction demands.

Lord Love a Duck!

I guess the Real Estate Professionals could abandon this “Hippocratic Oath” way of thinking and “Churn and Burn” their clients through the transaction . . . but then where’s the fulfillment and satisfaction in this “Art” of dancing through the process?

In my book . . . the more effortless the transaction feels to the home buyer or seller, the more valuable the Real Estate Professional.

More “Ninja” . . . Less “Churn and burn” = More value to the client.

Just sayin’





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