Looking back isn’t going to get you there

Every morning @ 6AM, I take our dogs “Walkabout” through the neighborhood.

JJ (AKA “ratdog”) has developed this pesky habit of stopping every 20-30 paces . . . Like a mule, he locks his front legs and leans back with all his might.

JJ HeadWeighing in at a mere 12 pounds, he’s very good at STOPPING our forward motion . . . only to turn around and look BACK where we came from.

I wish he could speak English, so he could tell us what’s back there that merits ALL of us stopping.

Sadly, I’m pretty sure I’ll never know why.

Because walking the dogs is often a time for thinking for me, I often wonder about this stopping and looking back and how it relates to People and Organizations I have observed through the years.

For many, it appears to be a yearning to BE “back there”

We want things to return to what once was . . . even though we know deep in our hearts it’s not possible.

We might relegate it to wistful, nostalgic pausing just for the sake of remembrance.

Have you ever tried to drive a car forward while ONLY looking in the rear view mirrors?

Whatever the reason, I know for sure (from JJ’s “Power”) that looking back can very efficiently cease forward motion.

Forward motion doesn’t happen when we are consumed by the past.

It gets real messy, FAST!

When we allow past experiences to define our present path, we limit our effectiveness.

but the past is so COMFORTABLE . . . When we go FORWARD, we are venturing into the unknown which has no guarantee of being better . . . only different.

This stuff isn’t for the faint of heart because that’s scary stuff.


So . . . If you want things to change for the better, quit looking back and GO!

there now . . . I said it!

PS – Sometimes I pick JJ up and carry him about 30 steps then put him down. He’ll walk with confidence until he remembers what’s happening at which point he’ll STOP and look back. After about 3 carries, he quits looking back altogether.

It’s OK to find someone to lean on to help you through the rough parts 🙂

See ya at the TOP!


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