Long-standing Traditions

Every Christmas Eve, I cook up @ 75 pounds of “Fallin’ off the bone, finger lickin’ good baby-back ribs” and invite anyone who wants to show up to help us eat them.

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Mostly, I cook the ribs for me and my family to enjoy, and we figured that, as long as we were cooking, we might as well invite some friends.

After all, it’s a “lot of trouble” to cook ribs . . .

Takes SO much time and effort . . .

so we figured we’d “leverage” our craving for ribs by cooking as many as we could cook within the capacity of our kitchen.

Every year, we wonder: “Will anyone show up this year?”

What happens if we do all that cooking, and nobody shows up?

To date, that has not been a problem.

Some folks might wonder: “What happens if TOO MANY people show up?”

Ready to oven

I’m not sure that’s possible . . .

because . . .

Our reason for cooking 75 pounds of ribs every Christmas has much less to do with our desire to eat delicious ribs, than to carry on a tradition of gathering with Family & Friends on the day before Christmas.

Some might raise the question: “Why would people come to YOUR house on Christmas Eve instead of practicing their OWN traditions?”

Everyone who comes DOES carry on their own traditions . . . and they’ve added stopping by the Owen house “for a few bones” in the midst of their own celebrations.

Throughout the afternoon people come and go . . . We figure over 100, but we’ve never counted.

Amazingly, the right people ALWAYS show up . . . EVERY time!

Perhaps, it’s because of the ribs, but the sentimentalist in me wants to believe that everyone who shows up gets WAY more than just a few bones . . .

slaw preppedThey get a large dose of fellowship in an environment with no expectations whatsoever.

So if you happen to be in the area and hungry for ribs and unconditional fellowship on Christmas Eve, we hope you’ll stop in.

No tellin’ who you’ll see here.

Afterthought: One year we talked about not cooking our ribs and going out of town for Christmas, but we knew better.

We chuckled at the thought of how many people would show up anyway and wonder where we are.

Don’t let go of your long-standing traditions!

They are the Icing on the cookies!



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