Line of responsibility

The car in front of me in the Starbucks drive through paid for my order.

I handed over my credit card and said that I would buy the car’s behind me order.

As I drove away, I wondered: “How many cars in front of me had done this and how many cars behind me will do it?

Is there any kind of “Burden of responsibility” that transfers to the receiver of an act of kindness?

For sure, it tends to be somewhat contageous . . . but is there a standard?

Of course, there could be myriad reasons a person wouldn’t forward a favor ranging from inability (don’t have the money), to oversight (forgot), to entitlement (Felt deserving of the favor), to simple arrogance and/or greed.

As I was scurrying towards the self-check-out line at the grocery carrying my little basket with too much in it, an elderly man with too much in HIS basket (and hands) dropped his 6 pack of Mint-chocolate-chip Klondike Ice cream bars . . . I’m partial to those and considered grabbing them and putting them in my basket and proceeding to check-out, but I noticed the man just had too much to juggle to be able to pick them up . . . so I did the right thing and tucked them into his basket. He was appreciative.

Sometimes I notice people walking past litter on the street and obviously seeing it (commenting that it’s a shame people throw trash on the ground), yet they continue to walk without picking it up. Does this make them accomplices to the litterers?

If you see it, is there ANY responsibility to do anything about it?

A good Samaritan witnesses a car crash and runs to the cars to be sure everyone is OK. Just as he makes it to the first car, the engine bursts into flames. He opens the door and grabs the driver and drags her to safety just as the car explodes in a ball of fire.

The world will claim him a hero . . . He’ll say he just did what anyone would do . . . Without thinking!

Here’s what I think:

If I notice something wrong and I can fix it (within reason), then I should.

Pay forward

Lend a hand

Pick up litter

Do “What anyone would do”

This world is chock FULL of opportunities to make a difference.

The more people who NOTICE and TAKE responsibility with appropriate action, the better (and cleaner) a world we’ll have.

So . . . tell me . . . What have you done today that’s “What anyone would do” that many others noticed but didn’t?

Where do you draw your line of responsibility?

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