Like Bungalows? We’ve an “Abb” for that

Do you LOVE the Bungalow Style of construction?

If so, you’re in luck because we at Pareto Realty have our very own Bungalow SPECIALIST! 

Abby Norman
Abby Norman

Abby Norman just LOVES bungalows SO much that she’s on a quest to find every bungalow in Middle Tennessee and to get to know each and every one of them.

I asked Abby why she likes Bungalows so much:

“There’s just something special about Bungalows.  They strum on our heart-strings and make us smile from within.  They speak to a time in American history when life was simple and seen from a wide open front porch… we had modest homes that fit our families and we saw the world and in turn our neighbors, from that fabulous front porch.

If you love the view from your front porch or if you are seeking a new point of view, join the club!  We have a regular newsletter, The Bungalow Beat, and we are creating a Fb page for club members who call themselves the Bungalow Beatniks!

As you’re driving through virtually any neighborhood with any Historical significance whatsoever, you’ll see Bungalows.

Hillsboro Village
Green Hills
East Nashville
12 South
Sylvan Park


Some are “Renovated to the nines” . . . others are diamonds in the rough . . . ALL of them have a distinctly recognizable design with awesome Sitting Porches.

Bungalows invite Neighborhood Community because the residents tend to USE those large front porches and  get to know the neighbors as they take their walks.

SetliffThis is 712 Setliff – a Bungalow Abby recently sold in East Nashville and a classic example of a very tasteful and respectful restoration.

Abby believes Bungalow purists belong to a special club (whether or not they know it) and is inviting them ALL to connect with her to honor and preserve this architectural style while at the same time “Up-Dating” some of the “Functional Obsolescence” of the older structures (Lack of closet space – Kitchen and Bath limitations).

Are you a Bungalow fanatic?

Connect with Abby HERE to tell her your story and to Join the club!

When we founded Pareto Realty, our commitment was (and always will be) to gather a team of ENS (Elite Niche Specialist) Associates such that clients of our firm will have nothing but the BEST service from a LOCAL specialist . . . an agent who intimately knows the segment of the market in which the client is playing.

We are SO committed to this tenet that, in the event a customer comes to us and wishes to buy or sell a house in a niche in which we don’t have an ENS, we will FIND a specialist in that area and make a referral.

We at Pareto Realty believe that ALL Home Buyers and Sellers deserve NOTHING but the BEST throughout their Purchase/Sale transaction . . . and we know that the best (ONLY) way to ensure this is to put them in the hands of a local expert.

Real Estate Sales Professionals can specialize in a variety of ways:

  • Geographic Market segment – Specific Neighborhood/Area of town
  • Demographic – Specific Segment of the population
  • Psychographic – Groups of people with specific common interests
  • Generational – “Baby Boomers” – Gen X, y etc

We’re creating a “Landing Page” for all of our ESN’s and are off to a good start by identifying every zip code and neighborhood in Middle Tennessee and providing a link for each one for our website visitors to search available properties for sale.

Check it out here: http://NashvilleNeighborhood

Of course, we also know that some folks may wish to find an Elite Niche Specialist in areas other than Middle Tennessee (Even in other states) . . . and we have an APP for that too.

If you have a need for a Local Real Estate Sales Professional anywhere in North America, CLICK this link and tell us your story . . . we’ll hook ya up with the quintessentially right Real Estate Professional.


Because YOU deserve nothing but the BEST!

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  1. I LOVE bungalows!!!! My favorite home to date style-wise was a 1911 craftsman I owned in Venice beach California.

    Please let me know if I can help finance some for you!

    At Benchmark Home Loans, we close on time, every time!

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