Like a duck to water

You know what “Plug and Play” is SUPPOSED to mean, right?

In theory when an add-on feature is “plug and play,” you can simply plug it in and it will magically work – PERFECTLY – EVERY time.

those of us who have ever bought such peripherals for our computers know all too well that this is often fantasy.

It is with this level of skepticism that I approached my purchase of a new website for Pareto Realty . . . Check it out here:

There’s this HUGE enigma when it comes to launching a new website. For sure, you don’t want YOUR site to look and act like all of the others, but the reality is that more customization means LOTS more cash investment.

It’s easy to fall into that trap of building the PERFECT website for many thousands of dollars over several months only to learn (Post Launch) that it doesn’t do what you thought it would . . . It has lots of bells and whistles but falls short of becoming a destination for the audience you hope to attract.

Where’s the middle ground, and how do we go there with spending a bajillion dollars and wasting days and days of code writing and cussing?

Pareto Realty is now 2 years old, and we have had a few (mostly impotent) attempts at websites . . . the most visible of which is not much more than a WordPress Blogsite with IDX property search . . . Sad, but true.

the money and time to “flesh it out” just never seemed to be available.

So . . . I went on a hunt for the best “Plug and Play” option I could find, and I think i’ve found a good one.

I paid for this site on Friday – Went LIVE yesterday . . . and did some tweaking today that makes it a “Pareto Realty” site instead of a generic site.

Sure! There’s lots more tweaking to do, but we can do that from now until the cows come home. The good news is that the skeleton is there and is easily manipulated.

Like a duck to water, I’ve made tremendous progress personalizing the content and taking great joy in realizing that the Pareto Realty message is very quickly taking form on-line.

I can do what I do best (create content) rather than being so up tight about design and structure.

Now . . . Some folks might question my wisdom at letting this cat out of the bag . . . Don’t you know that you NEVER refer your best handyman to another person lest he get too busy to serve YOU?

and . . . by me bragging on RealtySoft, am I risking all of the folks reading this blog post will buy a website that looks JUST LIKE MINE?

Nah . . . Y’see? I have this abundance mentality that primarily comes from our namesake (Pareto) . . . The 80/20 Principle . . . 80% of the folks who read this will not take action by buying the site . . . Of the 20% who do, 80% of them won’t “Optimize” the site when they buy it (and will subsequently complain that “it doesn’t work”) . . .

The remaining 20% of the 20% will laugh all the way to “Fat City”

This goes with any new venture . . . Don’t buy it unless you’re prepared to do whatever it takes to take full advantage of what it offers 🙂

BTW – I didn’t buy this site for Pareto Realty or our agents . . . I bought this site for Home Buyers and Sellers in Middle Tennessee . . . To expose them to the advantages of working with a Pareto Realty agent and to offer them useful tools and information to help them with their large life transition (moving).

If you’re in the mood to move, check out our site and contact us. We at Pareto Realty are poised and ready to serve . . .

Oh! If you are not in Middle Tennessee, we can help you find a great agent in your city anywhere on the planet 🙂


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