Like a box of Chocolates

Forrest Gump NAILED it!

The Month of March In Nashville Tennessee is also like a box of chocolates and is the epitome of:

In Like A Lion, Out Like a Lamb

My Facebook post yesterday afternoon:

Well – It’s summer this afternoon, so I’m heading home to mow some grass – Tomorrow will be Fall, so I’ll finish cleaning my Basement – Saturday will be Winter, so we will have our Owen Hollow Cookout in the snow – I believe we’ll be back to Spring by Tuesday #schizophrenicTNWeather

Yep! In the span of 48 hours, we will experience ALL FOUR SEASONS>

20170309_140152This was Yesterday Thursday Afternoon . . . Downright muggy and summery.

Knowing that the weekend weather is forecast to be dicey, and acutely aware that I’ll have @ 40 people show up Tomorrow @ 1:00 for a “Spring Cook-out” I wanted to take the afternoon to put the final touches on making the yard “presentable.” It was a sweaty, dusty 2 hours of mowing grass.

@ 6 PM, the temperatures began to fall, and we were treated to a spectacular storm beginning with HAIL followed by an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G lightning and thunder display and torrential rain. (The dogs were beside themselves with all that thunder).

Today is crisp and cool and BEAUTIFUL Blue Sky . . .

Tomorrow is calling for plunging temperatures and 1-3 inches of SNOW beginning late afternoon through Sunday.

Monday, we’ll be back to Spring.

Such is March in Nashville.

Every year, the month of March teaches me some lessons:

  • Be prepared for ANYTHING! I bought sunscreen & bug spray . . . and split enough wood for a week of freezing temperatures
  • Have flexibility with all plans – The “cookout” WILL happen, but we’ve got a few tents and re-arranged the furniture inside the house to accommodate accordingly.
  • Don’t be so attached to desired outcomes such that worry controls – igbok – It’s gonna be OK!
  • Cleansing – Mother Nature cleans and prunes the earth with these Spring storms – “Gully washers” do just that – They clean out the gullies 🙂
  • PAUSE – make time to appreciate the beauty and wonder of the changing of the seasons.

All of the above applies to everything in our personal and professional lives.

Our Local, State, National, and Global political, social, and economic environments (fueled by a deluge of media False and True “news”) creates for all of us potential for total saturation . . . It’s a veritable proliferation of information that NONE of us can possible get our arms around.

So . . . I hereby invite YOU to practice more Generosity, Abundance, Gratitude, and intentional nonjudgmental observation.

Don’t EVER forget that we are ALL in this together.

Meanwhile, Mother Nature continues to keep us humble and prove to us that no matter what our egos want us to believe, we are NOT in control.

Oh my!

I LOVE this time of year!

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