Life’s Too Important to be Taken So Seriously

Lighten up!

No! REALLY . . .


Especially around this precise time of the year (5 days til Christmas), most everyone is wound pretty tight. We’ve all got a LOT more on plate than usual.

  • Gift Shopping
  • Financial stress related to Gift Shopping
  • Preparing to go out of town
  • Preparing to receive company
  • Attending numerous parties
  • Hosting numerous parties
  • “Year End” related work activities
  • Kids are out of school (today)

It’s enough to drive ANY normally sane person to the loony bin.

Add to this this maelstrom of “disruption” the inconvenience of regular business (Serving current customers and clients) and you might just consider going postal.

Quit taking it all so seriously . . .

I also want to send this same message to:

  • The REALTOR who decides to negotiate “in their client’s best interest” so passionately (ferociously) that they end up crashing the deal and cheating a willing Buyer and an eager Seller out of a perfectly good transaction.
  • The Home Inspector who doesn’t feel like he’s done his job unless there are at LEAST 80 items to “Monitor, Repair, Replace, or Safety concern” . . . and proceeds to convince the Buyer that the house is a “money pit from HELL”
  • The Underwriter (working under the more stringent lending guidelines) who decides to question bank deposits as small as $100 6 months ago . . . and wants everything but DNA strands before providing a clear to close.
  • The contractor who bids HIGH for an average job and loses the bid because the Homeowner freaks out and decides to do nothing.


Of course . . . the world ends in 2 days (12/21/12), right?

So . . . tell me again why you are taking everything so damn seriously?



Published by Barry Owen

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