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This week, I facilitated my quarterly “Life Rhythm Workshop”. This session is an introduction to a new (for many folks) way of living such that “Live, Work, & Play” are all able to co-exist in harmony.

After the class was over, my friend Sher had missed the session and asked me if she could read the book? Well . . . I write that book daily here . . . But she got me thinking that I really could probably capture the nuts and bolts of it in a single blog post . . . Because after all, simplicity is one of the key ingredients.

So . . . It isn’t a book . . . but here it is 🙂

I talked a bit about this in a recent Podcast Interview I did with Tea Hoffmann in her “Business Kitchen” – “Cooking up a New Model for Real Estate Success”

On the surface, it looks like a “model” or “system” for goal setting and time management . . . complete with a nice set of “tools” (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, & Annual Worksheets and a guideline for effective accountability).

What I know is true is that no model or system works very well without a good measure of DEPTH . . . KNOWLEDGE of the “way things work” such that the individual person can derive ever increasing benefits over time.

Example: Last night was the 1st Soccer practice of the season for daughter Jessica. The practice was ONLY about “remembering the fundamentals” . . . recognizing what each player already knows individually and what the team collectively knows from prior team play . . . So . . . It was about the basics . . . Footwork with the ball, passing, throw-ins, goal shots, positions (and responsibilities of each) on the field, basic strategies and rules . . . ending with a 4 on 4 scrimmage during which I’d venture to say the team play together as well as (or even BETTER than) their final game of last season.

The practice was only an hour & a half long . . . How could we POSSIBLY get all of THAT done in such a short time span?


Rhythm begins with proper perspective and focusing on more of what MATTERS (Resulting in less focus on what doesn’t).

so . . .

The recipe for Rhythm begins with:

  • PURPOSE – Why are you here on Earth?
  • VISION – Where are you going? Where will you be in 1 year? 3 years? 5 Years? 10 Years?
  • PERSPECTIVE – With awareness of purpose and clear vision, what MATTERS to you? Where are you in this continuum between cacophony and rhythm?
  • FOCUS – How good can you get at filtering out external noise that distracts you from purpose, blinds your vision , and causes you to lose perspective?
  • TRUTH – How willing are you to be transparent and vulnerable along the way by committing to ACCOUNTABILITY partners who will hold you in TRUTH to yourself and others simply by knowing what you say you are going to do and who you say you are . . . and nudging you when you wander? Will your ego allow this?
  • COMMITMENT to continuous improvement/clarification of all of the above  

Do this & Rhythm shows up and life FLOWS!

A nice by-product of this is usually that money and quality of life concerns tend to vanish . . . and often, health issues resolve themselves.

At the core (The Depth) . . . I hold 8 principles and 1 Law in my mind as “refocusing on fundamental truth” tools (Reminders – as in the soccer practice) 

Open Space Technology’s 4 principles and 1 Law

  • Whoever comes is the right people
  • Whenever it starts is the right time
  • Whatever happens is the only thing that could have
  • When it’s over, it’s OVER

The Law of 2 feet: If at any time you find yourself in a place where you are neither contributing nor receiving anything of value, it is YOUR responsibility to use your 2 feet to take yourself to a place where you CAN contribute and/or receive something of value.

My Father Harrison Owen Derived Open Space Technology

The other 4 Principles are really “Ways” from:

The FourFold Way – Derived by Angeles Arrien

  • Show up – The Way of the Warrior or Leader is to show up, or choose to be present.
  • Follow Heart – The Way of the Healer or Caretaker is to pay attention to what has heart and meaning.
  • Tell the truth – The Way of the Visionary or Creative Problem Solver is to tell the truth without blame or judgment.
  • Let it go – The Way of the Teacher or Counselor is to be open to outcome, not attached to outcome.

That’s it . . . It takes 3 hours for us to unpack this . . . and we do the Workshop again on June 22 from 9-12 . . .

Til then, play with this “cheat sheet” and give me a call if you’d like me to fill in any blanks 🙂

Happy Surfing!

Just sayin’



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