Life in all its richness

“LIVE like you are Dying!”

“Live like there’s no tomorrow!”

“Get busy on that bucket list.”

“Life’s too short . . . ”

How many catchy phrases inviting us to live our lives to the fullest can you remember?

Why is THIS so difficult for all of us?

I guess if we all lived in a vacuum in which everything always stayed the same, living life would be less complicated . . . but also less “rich” because a “Life worth living” includes the whole gambit of the Human experience.

We deal with CHANGE and tragedy and bliss . . . We strive to be better . . . People flow in and out of our lives . . . the seasons change . . . and through all of this, what most of us are seeking is fulfillment.

Since the origin of independent thought, philosophers and psychologists and Motivational gurus and Spiritual Leaders have tumbled along theorizing solutions to this riddle.

For the umpteenth time, I’m reading the first book my Father wrote – Here’s your free copy, if you’d like to read it –  SPIRIT – Transformation and Development in Organizations

In this book, I believe Dad does a good job of boiling a lot of the fat out of this enigma.

Essentially, we are all dealing with transformation . . . ALWAYS!

A perpetual flow of Life – Death – Resurrection – New Life . . . As the world creates change in our lives, it’s “Out with the old and in with the new” . . . and through it all, we are learning to ride this wave best we can with the goal of realizing our personal human potential through fulfillment.

“. . . we could then recognize death is not apart from life, strange to life,
or the end of life, but rather all mixed up with life. This inter-connection might be
expressed as follows, To live is to change, to change is to die, to die is to live. Indeed, I
would want to say that death is essential to life or at least a meaningful life. It appears to me that those who assiduously avoid the fact of death end up by evading the possibility of life in all its richness.”

So . . . My question to you . . . How might YOU be “evading the possibility of life in all it’s richness”?

Only YOU can take responsibility for doing something about it 🙂

get out there and LIVE!

I can’t wait to see you SOAR!

Published by Barry Owen

Strategist-CEO of Pareto Realty Real estate sales Professional Inviter-Facilitator-Practicer of Open Space Technology Opening safe space for people & organizations to self-organize around issues & opportunities BarryOwen.US Invite-Listen-Love

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