Letting those “Honey-Do Projects Season”

I think I’m speaking for most Men (and many women who wouldn’t dare admit) that we all have a list of things to do around the house.

Just as we’d rather drive around in circles acting like we know where we are going (Rather than stopping and asking for directions), we are bound and determined to DO all of those “Honey-Dos” ourselves . . . because we are HE-MEN who have the tools and (theoretically) the know-how.

and so the list grows, and we continue to say that we’ll get around to doing it “as soon as we have time” . . . That these projects need to “Season over time as we develop our plan to get them done”

The time comes. We’re out of excuses, so we assess the situation, select what we think to be the appropriate tools and parts, and tackle the project.

All is going well until we realize that 2 of the anchors released just as they were supposed to but the 3rd one is DIFFERENT!

OMG! It looks like that 3rd one needs a “SPECIAL TOOL” and we cannot possibly fix it without disengaging that 3rd anchor.

That’s when we start using tools that are really meant for other things . . . and as frustration builds, we get less and less worried about being careful not to break anything . . . and so we BREAK the darn thing.

Oh Great! . . .Now the thing we had set out to fix is MORE broken.

Still determined to preserve Manliness, It’s time to consult the owner’s manual and/or begin the search on Google for the answers.

and so it goes . .¬†. The 20 minute “I can do it” project has become an obssessive all day career.

I’m guilty of this more than I like to admit. The good news is that (through trial and error – mostly error) I am learning the limitations of my abilities . . . that only about 20% of any given “Honey-Do List” falls within the realm of my personal expertise . . . and the rest (80%)¬†should be handled with a telephone call to a professional for a fee.

This, in turn, frees me up to focus on MY 20% (Vital few) activities that MATTER. I can focus on the things I am proficient at doing (and enjoy doing).


How does this home “Honey-Do” scenario fit with your professional career?

What are you choosing to tackle that you should be delegating to someone else?

What’s your 20% (What MATTERS)?

How would your life improve if you ONLY were to focus on the 20% stuff while you delegate the rest?

I’m thinking life would be happier and include more time pool-side with the family.

Just sayin’



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