Letter of appreciation for (most) REALTORS

I wrote the letter this morning to our fantastic team at Pareto Realty.

The past few weeks have been particularly challenging for many real estate sales professionals this year, and I had a wistful moment . . . a moment of appreciation for everyone in our profession who selflessly serves day in and day out.

How often do we hear someone we care about saying that they are proud of us?

Here goes . . .

Hi Folks,

Thank you for all you’re doing – I love seeing you all finding your legs in this business in the toughest market I’ve experienced since I started selling houses in 1993. You make me proud EVERY day, as I witness you out there doing the right things to serve clients and each other.
Please know that when things go awry, it’s not always YOUR fault, but of course, YOU are the one who has to clean up the messes. That’s the plight of the REALTOR. We always rise to the challenge and often don’t receive the credit we deserve for our herculean feats.
We do this selflessly, and I want you to know that you are helping build a STRONG reputation for yourself and for Pareto Realty. When I launched this company almost 5 years ago, I took “The Vital Few” very seriously . . . I want us all to be LEADERS in the market. This does not always mean being the highest volume producers. It DOES mean that we practice Leadership in every transaction and interaction.
Daily, I say things that I don’t want you EVER to forget:
  • There’s no accounting for crazy people
  • It’s not always your fault
  • Always act in your Client’s best interest
  • Lead Generate EVERY day (Whatever that means to you)
  • Support each other and ASK for support when you need it
  • SHOW UP! Attend as many of our meetings as possible
  • BE PRESENT! Practice FOCUSing on only the things that MATTER NOW!
  • Follow what has heart and meaning for you by developing your own niche
  • TELL THE TRUTH! ALWAYS – No fluffing, puffing, or sugar coating – Some folks might not like what you say, but if it’s the truth, say it.
  • LET GO! Don’t let any angry person or wonky deal derail you. Let it go and put that enrgy into something productive
  • Whoever comes is the right people – Pay attention to whom shows up in your life and learn
  • Whenever it starts is the right time – Timing in relationships is essential – Just because the market is FAST doesn’t mean everything has to be done NOW. If things are crazy and not going as planned, change your pace.
  • Whatever happens in the only thing that could have – Be careful about defining expectations. Don’t let that trick you into a cycle of disappointment. Continue with resolve to do the right things as you serve and leader.
  • When it’s over, it’s over! Sometimes we have to “move on” whether it be from a cantankerous client or a convoluted transaction. Know when your participation is not being productive and give yourself permission to call it “OVER!”
  • Take care of YOURSELF! You deserve a break. Every day, make time for Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Social, Emotional Exercise.
Thank you for being the BEST Real Estate Team on the planet 🙂
I’m proud of YOU!

Published by Barry Owen

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