Let’s not question IF

If we do all this, we’ll succeed.
So, how sure are you that you CAN “do all this?”
What if you don’t do all this and fail to succeed?
Even more weighty” What if you DO do all this and fail to succeed?
I’ll venture to say that most failure is not due to lack of effort or desire or talent or intelligence or manual dexterity.
Most often, failure is a direct by-product of lack of commitment from the start.
Let’s worry less about “If” and focus on “WHEN.”
Bring it with confidence:
“When we do all this, we WILL succeed!” 
This is a resolute certainty . . . an imminent result of our thoughts and actions, as we forge our way forward.
When we think in terms of imminence, we succeed more frequently and at higher levels.
GOOGLE defines:
im·mi·nent – ˈimənənt/
about to happen – impending, close (at hand), near, (fast) approaching, coming, forthcoming, on the way, in the offing, in the pipeline, on the horizon, in the air, just around the corner, coming down the pike, expected, anticipated, brewing
Quit doubting yourself!
I know that you are imminently suitable for high levels of success.
A special shout out to Seth Godin for his frequent use of the word imminent and the sheer power of the mental shift we accomplish when we incorporate it in our daily pursuits.
At the start of every day, say this aloud 10 ten times:
“My success is imminent!”
Don’t you love the way those words roll off your tongue?
Let’s DO this!

Published by Barry Owen

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