Let’s meet at my office!

I know it’s uber COOL to be so paperless there’s no need to go to the office.

In fact, It’s entirely possible for most professionals to do their work without EVER going to the office. It’s MUCH cooler to meet in coffee shops and trendy restaurants or behind the wheel of their fancy car.

Company owners like this because they can scale down their “Bricks and Mortar” offices to the bare minimum which saves beaucoups $$$$ in overhead.

There’s another side of this coin.

What reasons might there be for professionals to have a nice office?

Officeless operations are missing some pretty large dollar producing potential that would more than recoup the additional overhead expense of having nice, visible and convenient offices . . . with likely EXPONENTIAL benefit.

  • Camaraderie – Your peeps are more likely to gather and compare notes and learn from each other and develop Esprit de Corps. Happier people are more productive.
  • Safety – Meeting unknown client prospects is MUCH safer in an office than anywhere else
  • Efficiency – When you meet in the office, there’s no time or productivity lost if the client is late or fails to show up.
  • Brand Awareness – BE SEEN with signage. Every client who meets at the office also sees and feels your brand
  • Community outreach – Make your office a community Hub. Invite the community in for coffee or to use a common use computer . . . or to use the conference room.

This isn’t as much about having an office as it is about providing a safe place for your team and the local community.

A few months ago, I moved the Pareto Realty home from an executive suite (two 8×10 offices) to a street level space with 4 offices, a den, conference room, 2 bathrooms, and a kitchenette, and guess what?

Our per agent productivity SOARED immediately.


I think not!

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