Let’s go on an ADVENTURE

Don’t you LOVE going on an adventure?

My whole life, I have ALWAYS jumped with enthusiasm at ANY and ALL opportunities to go on adventures.

Just the thought of it brings a smile to my face and brings my heart rate up in anticipation of what’s about to happen.

“Adventure” denotes boldly stepping into the unknown . . . Welcoming new experiences . . . exercising curiosity . . . and inviting SURPRISE!


First, we attend to preparing. We think about what we’ll need to bring with us on this trek.

We’ll check on the probable climate that we can expect along the way, so we can bring all the right clothes and gear.

We will consider means of travel (Auto, Train, Plane, Feet).

We will scout for housing accommodation to be sure there’s availability at reasonable cost.

We might also do some research around where to eat and what “points of interest” that would be worth exploring.

We’ll check with other people who might have already been on a similar adventure to see what tips we can glean in hopes that we avoid unpleasant or dangerous experiences.

We might make lists and lists of lists just to be sure we cover ALL bases.

and then we’ll embark . . .

There’s one guarantee: Within the first hour of our adventure, we’ll remember something we forgot and will then have to reckon with the turmoil within our mind as to whether or not we should turn back to retrieve it . . . or do we proceed without and “make do”

The next guarantee is that we will not have thought of everything because there is no possibility of knowing what surprises lurk around every corner during an adventure.

With some trepidation, we continue our journey.

We are excitedly on the edge of terror wondering what’s next and conjuring up thoughts of all the things could go wrong, but we’re committed now . . . There’s no turning back.

So we learn survival.

Guess what?

I just described your daily life.

What if you were to awaken each morning with the mindset that EVERY day is a new adventure in the life of YOU?

How might that change your joie de vivre?

Who will you invite to travel with you on these adventures?

We are all intrepid explorers yearning for the next adventure.

I look forward to crossing paths with you frequently 🙂

I brought 2 of my furry family members on an adventure this morning and talked about it in today’s BarrysDriveTime

PS – Daughter Allison leaves Nashville with 30 other students (few of whom she knows) for an adventure to Haiti to provide preventative dental care for 3500+ children who live in poverty. The organization Be Happy Haiti was founded by 3 students three years ago and is an organization that has the support of the Catholic diocese, so 100% of tax deductible donations go DIRECTLY to fund the equipment and supplies needed to treat these children. This is not a sale pitch, but I am SO proud of Allison’s bravery and passion to strike into such an unknown adventure in a faraway place that I feel like I gotta at least give a plug for Be Happy Haiti . . . If you feel moved to make any contribution, you can do so on the website . . . and can note “Allison Owen” so we will be able to appropriately acknowledge your contribution.

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