Let’s do . . . NOTHING!

My tendency is to fill every minute of every day with some kind of “Productive” activity.

Even when I’m not working, I’m looking for things to schedule for FUN.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person with this “problem.”

Today was to be a day FULL of activities – mostly outdoors . . . but the rain started early and shows no signs of stopping til Monday.

I’ve been forced to change my plans from LOTS to do to NOTHING to do.

Of course, I still have a choice to make.

Do I simply do NOTHING and take a well-deserved break from the buzz?


Do I default to “quicksand time management” and immediately conjure up things to do so as to stay busy?

Today, I choose to step out of my comfort zone and have decided to do NOTHING of significance 🙂

There . . . That’s IT . . . my decision . . . starting . . .


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