Let’m Sleep on it!

When a negotiation starts to get UGLY . . .

Sometimes the best strategy is to let’m sleep on it.

For whatever reason . . . Call it “Ego” or “Thrill of the hunt/fight” or “Greed” or “Unreasonableness,” some folks can get downright loony with some of the demands they interject into a relatively simple negotiation.

Out of left field, these “Game Players” may give the impression that they really don’t want the deal to work out, and we all scratch our heads and wonder why they don’t just walk away instead instead of making everyone’s lives miserable.

Often, my “strategy” for dealing with this kind of behavior is to resort to tactics my wife and I learned when our young children misbehaved.

It’s akin to sending the miscreant to “Time out” to have some time to think about things.

We have a name for temper tantrums and/or irrational, illogical behavior – “Crazy Making”


These folks are Crazy Making, and they will continue to make crazy (Just like a 2 year old) as long as they are getting their intended result which is to agitate the heck out of anyone and everyone within earshot.

If we push back or give in or make crazy back at them them, they’ll be getting exactly what they want – CHAOS!

These folks often win because the rest of us eventually wear down and succomb.


We go quiet for a while . . . which really drives them nuts and essentially puts them in “Time Out” until they realize that they’re getting their intended results at which point they suddenly become much more reasonable.

The key to this strategy of going right is naming the behavior EARLY . . . Go ahead and call it what it is (Crazy Making) before getting sucked into the drama.

Do this, and I promise you’ll successfully “redirect” all of that crazy energy with productive/constructive results more than 80% of the time.

Those 20% times when it doesn’t break the craziness?

Well . . . We can just go ahead and make our diagnosis: THOSE people aren’t just making crazy, they ARE crazy!

That’s when we get to decide if it’s worth staying in the deal knowing that the beatings/abuse will continue unfettered until the closing.

Regardless . . . don’t let this ruffle your feathers and raise your blood pressure.

Life’s too short to allow crazy makers to make you crazy.

Published by Barry Owen

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